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Values and Ethos

Welcome to Oaks Park High School, we are a high performing inclusive community school that ensures that our students are at the heart of everything we do. 

Every child has unique needs, characteristics and hopes for the future. The most important consideration should therefore be centered around each child feeling happy and safe at school; under these conditions they will thrive.  Working in partnership with parents and carers is fundamental, this has been an essential element of our continued success providing an excellent standard of education over the years.

At Oaks Park, our child-centered philosophy puts every child achieving their potential as the ambition for the school, but most importantly strives to enable every child to believe that success is for everyone. Traditional values underpin everything that we do. Students are expected to display the highest standards of behaviour at all times and show respect for themselves, others and the world around them. Developing positive relationships and taking pride in all aspects of school life are essential ingredients that make Oaks Park High School special.

A huge emphasis is placed on the importance of sport and extra-curricular activities. Taking part is highly celebrated and our students are encouraged to participate in all aspects of school, so that they may develop as young leaders, preparing for the world of work.  Our use of technology across all aspects of what we do has been a huge success in providing the teaching and learning platform, systems and experiences that are essential for young people of today.

Our website will give you an insight to the ambitious and supportive multi-cultural community at Oaks Park High School, but words and pictures can only convey a limited amount. Please regard them simply as an introduction to what awaits when you visit and experience for yourself what makes this school unique.

Ms J L Hamill