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Inclusion - SEND/EAL

How we support pupils at Oaks Park?

We attend Year 6 Annual Reviews at primary school for the students who we know will be attending Oaks Park. Members of the team attend meetings with primary school SENCos and class teachers to gather information specifically on SEND students.

Students can attend the school for extra visits to get to know key people and places.

If the students have any SEATSS involvement meetings are held with the SEATSS team members to ensure all important information regarding the students needs are passed on.

In School Support

All students on the SEND register are given a named ‘key worker’ who produces a One Page Profile. This provides class teachers with information about the students needs and ideas on how best to support the student. These are reviewed on a termly basis with parents/cares, key workers and form tutors.

Depending upon the need of the student we offer additional Literacy and Numeracy interventions during form time, in some cases students are withdrawn from lessons.
We also offer social skills groups and in class TA support.

Students holding an EHCP are provided with in class support for their allocated hours, plus any necessary interventions. Any support provided from SEATSS at primary continues into secondary school. We will also make referrals to outside agencies if we feel the students require additional specialised support.

The Acorn Centre

The SEND/ EAL team is based in the Acorn Centre this is not only where all interventions take place but it is also a quiet/safe place for SEND students to go at break and lunch times to get away from the hustle and bustle of the playground.

We also have a lunchtime games club to encourage more withdrawn students to get to know their peers and make new friends. We have a daily lunchtime homework club for anyone struggling to complete homework. All these activities are supervised but the Team of very supportive TAs who encourage and help out the students who need additional support.

EAL support

As part of our Inclusion team, we have a group of dedicated EAL specialised TAs who offer a range of support for students for whom English is not their first language. This includes creating and sharing profiles about these students with all teachers so they can support students effectively in lessons, offering 1-1 and small group interventions for students to help them develop their English, and an EAL group at GCSE in which students follow a programme dedicated to improving their English both for their GCSEs and wider life skills.

Our main aim with this support is to ensure that students are included in mainstream lessons as much as possible and can develop their English whilst learning about the individual subjects they study.

Looked After Children

There is a dedicated team within the Inclusion department that provide support for children in care whilst at Oaks Park. As well as two designated teachers to support Looked After Children, each Looked After Child has a key worker, who supports them and is an extra voice of support for them in school. This helps us to ensure that any support that is necessary is put in place and that Looked After Children can be included effectively into daily school life.

Visually Impaired Resource

Oaks Park is the borough nominated school for Visually Impaired students. We provide expert support for students with all levels of visual Impairments.
We have a team of 8 highly trained TAs, 6 trained to level 2 Braille with specialists in Maths and Science. Support is also provided by Qualified Teachers of the Visually Impaired from Joseph Clark School.

Mrs Carty SENCo
Mr Fletcher Deputy SENCo