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The Transition from Year 11 to 12

The transition from Year 11 to Sixth Form is an extremely important part of Year 12 at Oaks Park High School. It is a fundamental aspect of the development of successful, independent and enthusiastic learners. Both the happiness of our students and their academic progress are of paramount importance to us, which is why we pay particular attention to how students settle into Oaks Park in Year 12.

Some key features of our Year 12 transition programme are as follows:

  • Summer holiday transition pack
    All students are provided with a transition pack for each subject they select when they enrol. This is designed to help them get off to a good start in year 12 and bridge the gap between GCSE and A Level.
  • Induction Day
    This day has been constructed to ensure all students have all the information and are comfortable at Oaks Park, to enable them to progress in their studies. The day is structured as follows: introduction to the tutor, where our rules and expectations of the Sixth Form are made clear, a study skills workshop to support students in their Sixth Form work, career-focused workshops to provide knowledge of different courses that they can pursue once they have finished Sixth Form and a form trip to help students settle in and get to know their peers and their form tutors.
  • Sixth Form Information Evening
    In September all year 12 students and their parents are invited to an evening where they are able to meet their child's tutor and the Sixth Form team. They are also provided with key information about sixth form life and how parents can support their children to meet their full potential during their A Level studies.
  • Continual support at all levels
    The curriculum we offer is broad, balanced and challenging and is taught in a number of interactive and engaging styles. This is underpinned by our robust assessment, recording and reporting policy. We also run a homework club after school everyday, where students can work in the well-equipped and spacious independent learning room, supervised by a member of staff.
  • Course flexibility
    We allow students a four week settling in period, during which students are allowed to change courses, provided they meet the entry requirements for the course and that spaces are available.

The Transition from Year 12 to 13

Additionally, we are also aware that the move from Year 12 to Year 13 can be a time of anxiety for students. Having completed one year of study at the Sixth Form, they will be considering their next steps in more depth and looking forward to completing their A level examinations and non-examination assessments. To ensure that all students and parents feel as supported as possible in order to undertake this transition we at Oaks Park have organised a range of different strategies to ensure a smooth transition into Year 13. Some examples of what this involves includes:

  • At Oaks Park High School we have a system of permanent Pastoral Leaders in Sixth Form. This enables the Pastoral Leaders to specialise in different stages of the students’ Sixth Form experience and to offer bespoke and highly specific pastoral support for your child. The Pastoral Leader for Year 13 has a background in UCAS and post-18 education and has previously overseen HE progression, Super Curriculum and destinations at the school.
  • A fully planned PSHE and pastoral programme in the Summer Term of Year 12 and Autumn Term of Year 13 that explores destinations, study skills and student wellbeing to support students as they move on in their Post-16 education.
  • Parental engagement evenings, such as Progression and Destinations Evening, to ensure that the school and home work together to aid student progress and wellbeing.
  • Curriculum teams put in place summer transition homework to support students with revision of Year 12 content and preparing them for Year 13 study.

These strategies offer students the necessary support, advice and guidance as they transition between Year 12 and 13 in order to prepare them for the higher order thinking required during this year and for the next stage of their education and career. This empowers students to make the necessary progress throughout the year.