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Oaks Park is committed to ensuring that all students have the opportunity to acquire a range of skills and interests, necessary for life after Sixth Form. Universities look for students who are enthusiastic about the subjects and career paths they are applying for. Our award winning careers programme is specifically designed to give students access to a variety of opportunities and support them in developing these key skills and experiences. 

We place a considerable emphasis on ensuring that all students are provided with the necessary advice and guidance to progress onto the most appropriate university course, apprenticeship or career for them. All advice and guidance is highly personalised, so that it meets the individual needs of each of our students. Outlined below are some of the programmes and experiences we plan for students each year. 

Aspire Higher

Aspire Higher is unique to Oaks Park High School and is designed exclusively for our students.

Aspire Higher gives every student  the tools and direction they need to enable them to start differentiating themselves from everyone else, so that when they apply for their chosen university place or their preferred career, they stand out from the crowd in a meaningful way.

The scope of the Aspire Higher website is extensive and includes a range of resources that provide guidance about what is required in different apprenticeship and university applications, as well as offering information about opportunities, such as internships and summer schools that will enhance CVs and personal statements.

The aim of Aspire Higher is to get each student considering where they really want to go, their aspirations should be high and their horizons wide. The idea is now, the fantastic opportunities available to our students, both in house and externally, won’t be missed through lack of information. Aspire Higher is centralised and therefore easy to access from home or school. Parents are encouraged to use the website alongside students to gain an increased understanding of the opportunities out there.

Super Curriculum Programme 

Our Super Curriculum Programme ensures that all of our students can demonstrate their passion for the subject or career they wish to pursue in the future. It supports students in developing their interests in a particular area, as well as helping them to explore different fields, courses and careers.

Each Year 12 student is given the opportunity to mentor others in the school and to volunteer at community initiatives in order to gain the key knowledge and skills required by competitive careers and courses. Students are also invited to attend regular subject specific events delivered by internationally recognised academics and industry specialists.

We also offer a wide range of programmes and activities that have been created by industry experts and leading academics in their fields exclusively for Oaks Park students.


Oaks Park Sixth Form has excellent working relationships and has invested in working with external companies who support students in finding the most appropriate progression route for them.

Oaks Park is considered as a ‘champion school’ by destinations provider Unifrog. This gives the Sixth Form extensive access to Unifrog’s services and enables our students to shortlist appropriate courses for their future from a selection of both national and international organisations.

Additionally, our Sixth Form has also developed a very successful relationships with employers, who help our students to write industry appropriate CVs.

Entrance Examinations and Interviews

At Oaks Park we provide all students with support with their University entrance exams and interviews. This includes the BMAT/UKCAT for medical students. We also provide support and guidance for Admission exams to Oxford and Cambridge (e.g. STEP, MAT, TSA, ELAT, PAT, HAT and CSAT) as well as assistance with the LNAT for Law.

The Headhunted Programme

The Headhunted Programme ensures that our higher attaining students are constantly being stretched intellectually.

Students on the Headhunted Programme regularly attend conferences about applying to top universities and are supported through an ‘Oxbridge tutorial system’, whereby they are individually mentored by an experienced member of staff who helps them in preparing their applications for Russell Group universities.

The goal of the programme is to enable students to fulfil their full potential while providing them with additional opportunities to expand their areas of interest; we aim to broaden their exposure to topics, journals and studies that are not included in the regular curriculum. This will provide them with the opportunities necessary to give them an advantage when it comes to making competitive applications to leading universities and apprenticeships in the future. 

Work Experience and Careers Week

Careers week is a dedicated week for Year 12 students to conduct work experience. Students are given extensive careers advice in seeking appropriate placements which are in line with their future aspirations. All of our students receive individualised support in writing applications for their placements and in preparing for interviews.

Former students have completed exciting work placements with companies such as ITV, Kings College London, The Institute of Civil Engineering, Hackney Council, Local Doctors surgeries, Barking, Havering and Redbridge Univeristy Hospitals, and The Civil Service Commission. The school has partnerships with The Civil Service Commission, start up Adapt and Careers Accelerator to offer at least 40 placements to Oaks Park students.


Lecture series

Our lecture series has been exclusively designed to enhance our super curriculum programme and provide our students with an alternative perspective to some of the material they have been exposed to during their lessons. Our guest speakers also discuss their own career paths and broaden students horizons, so that they can see that there are numerous paths to achieve their future goals.

Oaks Park Sixth Form students have priority access to these lectures, which are organised by the Sixth Form that are delivered by high-profile guest speakers from the world of academia and industry to share their knowledge and experiences with our students. Some of the speakers this year have been Lord Winston, Evan Davis and Baroness Shami Chakrabarti (CBE) to name a few.

Careers Café

Our students have regular opportunities to attend (virtually or in person) careers talks from a panel of industry professionals. Our students find out about our panelists career journeys and are then able to ask questions directly to the guests, followed by some time for networking. These talks are usually organised by industry to try to cater to all interests. Industries and professions currently featuring include: Finance, Sports, Creative, STEM, Aviation, Healthcare and HR.


Oaks park has partnered with a number of Careers Enrichment organisations to make sure we provide our students with the best possible opportunities. Our partners include Careers Accelerator, InvestIN, The Brokerage, The Property Prize, The Young Reporters Scheme, PwC and Future Frontiers among others. Many of these organisations offer one-to-one mentoring for our students, ensuring they are well set up for their next steps.  We are also proud to have a strong partnership with Oxford Brookes University, who provide bespoke support exclusively for Oaks Park students.


Ad Hoc workshops and conference calls are held throughout the year to give Oaks Park students the chance to interact with employers. These include workshops on Time Management and Productivity, Business Acumen, Personal Statement writing, Consulting and Auditing (by PwC) among others.