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Year 7 Transition Programme

The year 7 experience is really important to us at Oaks Park High School. We have a fully comprehensive transition programme in place to ensure that the children have a really positive start to Secondary school. As part of this, we have a dedicated leadership team that focuses on primary transition, Year 7 and Key Stage 3.

The year 7 team is supported by our Year 7 transition and welfare lead and our school SENCO and her team of teaching assistants.

Over the years, we have established excellent working relationships with our local primary schools with a focus on:

  • Clear lines of communication to ensure high quality student information is shared to ensure we are able to support them appropriately upon arrival
  • Developing strong links between students and parents
  • Improving curriculum continuity

Primary school visits

Oaks Park staff meet the Y6 teachers to share transfer information. This includes meeting the students for a Q&A session. Redbridge Local Authority also help coordinate Primary and Secondary SENCO meetings where appropriate, this may include a family visit to the school prior to starting.

Information Evening for parents and carers

This will take place early in the first term and will take the form of a presentation from key staff on school procedures and expectations, including how we report academic progress to our parents.  The evening will also provide parents with strategies to help their child to fulfil their potential, including how to support them at home with their studies.  You will also have an opportunity to meet your child’s form tutor who will be working closely on a daily basis to help them achieve their full potential at school.

Year 7 Induction Day

Students will be involved in ‘getting to know you’ activities, hands-on practical lessons and ‘fun’ orienteering exercise to help students find their way around the school building. This will be held in the Summer term of Year 6.

Year 7 First Day

Year 7 students are the only year group in school on the first day. This is to help them become familiar with the school day structure and the environment. There is extra time built into the day with the form tutor to offer the extra support.

Continual Support at all levels

The curriculum we offer is renowned for being broad, balanced and challenging. We pride ourselves in delivering it in a number of interactive and engaging styles and mediums, including our online learning platform through Google Classroom. This is underpinned by our robust assessment, recording and reporting policy. Our excellent results reflect the effectiveness of our curriculum for our students.