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Why Oaks Park Sixth Form?

Oaks Park Sixth Form encourages all of its students to aspire to the highest levels of achievement and enables them to prepare for adult life. We offer a broad range of subjects and encourage each individual to choose a balanced and challenging combination of courses appropriate to their strengths, interests and ambitions.

Sixth form studies are designed to ensure exam success and help students become independent thinkers and learners – not only through their main examination courses but also through the acquisition of key skills, involvement in extracurricular activities and a highly effective tutorial support and guidance structure. Our awarding winning careers team have ensured that the Sixth Form have a wealth of enrichment opportunities. 

We combine a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with high expectations and high standards of achievement. The choice you make about which path to take at the age of sixteen, will influence the future direction of your life. It is an important decision, but one that generations of our former students are proud to say was the right one.


Good relationships are key to a happy and successful sixth form experience. Something that many students and parents comment on, is the high quality relationships that are formed between the students, staff and parents. We understand that it is important for students and their parents to feel they are connected to the school in a meaningful and supportive way, and we encourage students to seek help freely, for academic or pastoral reasons.

Oaks Park is committed to having a constant connection with parents and we have a team that focuses on making sure parental engagement is a high priority; we achieve this through providing a wealth of information to parents via the school website, letters and videos. Parents are kept informed of what their children are doing, through such media like the Expressions app, to monitor attendance and the parental “learning maps” that we send to parents every half term.

A legacy of improving results

Our results have improved every year with 41% of students achieving an A*-A, 64% A*-B, 85% A*-C and 100% A*-E. As a school and Sixth Form, we are always over-subscribed, and demand for places has grown as our results have risen each year. In terms of student progression, we have record numbers of students 36% of students going on to Russell Group universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, and this has increased in line with our ever-improving results.

Transition to A-Levels

The transition from Year 11 to the Sixth Form is an extremely important part of Year 12 at Oaks Park. A levels are not like GCSEs and there is a large jump in difficulty and consistent effort required to do well at A level. Experience has taught us that this message is one that students need to really buy into, to enable them to engage well with the transition to manage the demands of Sixth Form life. It is a fundamental aspect of the development of successful, independent and enthusiastic learners. 

Both the happiness of our students and their academic progress are of paramount importance to us, which is why we pay particular attention to how students settle into Oaks Park in Year 12.

At Oaks part we begin nurturing this idea before students even enroll into Sixth Form - our transition booklets, tailored to each subject, and our programme of exam skills workshops in PSHE and assemblies help students step up a gear to the kind of effort and intensity that is required.

Details on our extensive transition programme can be found here

Award winning careers programme

At Oaks Park we believe that careers education is an integral part of ensuring that all students have a detailed understanding of different pathways for their future. We are incredibly proud of our outstanding careers programme that ensures that all of the students who leave our Sixth Form are able to move on to their desired destination.

From the moment that you enter the Sixth Form, we begin to encourage you to think about potential future career routes through providing transitional materials related to different progression opportunities and ensure that on induction day you are able to meet with lecturers and professionals from the world of work to discuss . This exposure to leading figures from different industries and education institutions continues throughout your time at the Sixth Form, with our unique lecture series, a super curriculum programme that enhances employability skills and knowledge of different disciplines, and support to gain meaningful work experience that will enhance your applications in the future.

The work that we do as a Sixth Form to ensure that students are fully prepared for the future is widely acknowledged and highly praised by external organisations, including OFSTED who stated that students get an excellent deal and are well prepared for higher education and the nationally accredited Quality in Careers Standard who said that the Sixth Form offers a 'supportive environment for students to reach their aspirations'


We have an extensive range of exciting and rewarding enrichment opportunities, from which our students can choose, as part of their Sixth Form journey. Examples are:

  • Lecture series
  • Brighter Futures programme
  • Careers Cafe
  • Careers and Employability Skills focused workshops
  • Work experience and employer encounters 

These activities not only widen our students’ perspective on the world, but also provide our students with valuable experiences to add to their personal statements when applying to university, or to their CVs or apprenticeship applications. We have a range of partnerships with various organisations, which we have worked hard to build and grow - this then means your child has access to enrichment activities that would not normally be available to students. Such partners involve  Careers Accelerator, InvestIN, The Brokerage, The Property Prize, The Young Reporters Scheme, PwC and Future Frontiers among others. Many of these organisations offer one-to-one mentoring for our students, ensuring they are well set up for their next steps.

Life beyond the classroom

We are very proud of our extra-curricular activities available to the students in Sixth Form, and we incorporate student feedback into the planning of these activities each year, so that we know we are offering things that the students find enjoyable or useful. Such activities are many clubs and societies that are run by different departments, sports teams, music and drama performances, a chess club and a debating society, to name a few.

Student Leadership

At Oaks Park High School, we believe that all students should have the capacity to demonstrate leadership skills and prepare themselves to become responsible, respectful and active citizens.

A key component of this drive to ensure all students are able to undertake leadership roles within the school is the role of our Senior Prefect Team. The Senior Prefect Team acts as a central component of promoting student voice within the school. Through being members of the Senior Prefect and Prefect Team, we offer students the opportunity to develop key employability skills which are essential for their movement into their desired destinations and in meeting their future aspirations.

As a result of their integral place within the structure of the school, the Senior Prefect Team and the Prefects undertake a range of different responsibilities throughout the course of the academic year. This includes the organisation of open evenings, the promotion of charitable events and working with senior staff to ensure that teaching and learning, and the wider curriculum, meets the needs of all students.

We as a Sixth Form really value the opinions of all students, who are regularly provided with opportunities to feedback on their experiences. As a Sixth Form we pride ourselves on working constructively with students to meet their needs and make improvements where necessary.