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  Isabelle joined Oaks Park High School in Year 12.

Since starting Oaks Park Sixth Form, I have been exposed to high quality teaching across my different subjects. The teachers are always willing to help me and give effective and useful advice that is helpful in ensuring I make progress. I have found that the lessons at Oaks Park really challenge students to think at a higher level and train us to become independent learners, which we require to be successful at University. 

  Ivan joined Oaks Park High School in Year 7.

The Sixth Form at Oaks Park is incredibly supportive. The staff are always on hand to offer advice about our studies or future aspirations and also give excellent information about what experiences we need for our future career paths and what opportunities there are for us to take part in, through regular announcements on our careers google classroom.

  Gabriel joined Oaks Park High School in Year 12.

Since joining Oaks Park Sixth Form, I have discovered that they offer an excellent super curricular programme, which allows students to develop their experiences and knowledge in preparation for university. Taking part in the super curriculum programme has allowed me to develop the key skills that employers and universities are looking for, such as my communication, leadership and team work skills. 

  Summer joined Oaks Park High School in Year 7.

I stayed on to Sixth Form at Oaks Park because of the excellent relationships between staff and students. The transition programme, including the summer booklets and the activities we complete during form time have allowed me to develop independent study skills and revision skills that best suit me and have really helped me adapt to A Level study. These skills will also help me in the future, so I really appreciate the planning and support given to ensure we acquire these from the start of Year 12.  

  Anamaika joined Oaks Park High School in Year 12.

The Sixth Form at Oaks Park supports our progress into university. The Sixth Form and careers team organise regular talks from some of the best universities in the country for us to attend. This has really helped me to become informed about what top universities are looking for in an ideal candidate and given me the opportunities to work towards developing these in my self. As well as this, websites like Unifrog and the schools internal aspire higher programme have allowed me to identify which types of universities I should apply for and what extra reading and experience I could undertake to ensure I gain a place on my desired course at my desired university.

  Jaks joined Oaks Park High School in Year 7.

I chose to stay on at Oaks Park due to the facilities they have, like the Sixth Form building and the great media, science and independent learning facilities. The science labs are designed to look like university labs. The timetabled independent learning sessions also help me to staying onto of my workload  and develop as an independent learner.