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Year 7 & 8 Sports Day 2021

Despite the disruption to sport throughout this year we were able to run Sports Day for Years 7 and 8 on Wednesday 23rd June and Thursday 1st July. Firstly the field events took place on the wednesday where students competed in Javelin, Shot Putt, Discus, High Jump Triple Jump and Long Jump. The events were all hotly contested, particularly with Year 8 where the form scores were all within 11 points leading into the track events on Thursday.

Some stand out Year 8 performers were:

Ellis McMillan who jumped 1.50m in the high jump, Mohammed Bilal who threw 7.70m in the shot putt, Hadley Webster who jumped 3.49m in the long jump and Alexandra Cartin who jumped 5.32m in the triple jump.

Year 7 also had some excellent performances including:

Sabian Leonce who threw 6.09m in the shot putt, Lauren Burton and Malik Alabede who jumped 5.82m and 5.98m in the long jump, and Sade Ajiga who jumped 1.28m in the high jump.

After being postponed due to rain the track events then took place on Thursday 1st July. Again there were lots of high standard athletics on show, particularly in the sprinting events across both Year 7 and 8, where lots of events were so close we had to use some video analysis to check who had placed 1st. A special mention to the boys running in the Year 8 100m race which was extremely competitive with Kagan Basturk just taking the win in 13.4 seconds and 7L's mixed relay team who stormed to victory in 39.7 seconds.

There was also some excellent sports leadership demonstrated by the form sports captains, helping to ensure their teams were organised and ready to go for all their events. A big thank you also to the Y11s and sixth formers who came back to help run the events for the day. The scores continued to be close throughout the track events as well, but our overall winners were 7L and 8E, congratulations to all students within these forms, we'll have to see if they can retain their winning titles next year!