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Bike to School Week 28 Sept - 1 Oct

Bike to School Week is a week-long event across the UK to showcase the many benefits of cycling to school. It takes place from 28 September to 1 October 2020.


It is well known that physical activity is key to people’s health and wellbeing, with numerous studies showing that people who walk and cycle enjoy longer and healthier lives.

 Increasingly, however, research on the long-term benefits of walking and cycling is uncovering benefits that are even greater than previously thought. Regular physical activity can help to prevent numerous serious health conditions and save the NHS millions of pounds each year.

Collating this research, some of the key findings include:

  • Regular cyclists reduce their risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 46%.
  • People who are physically active reduce chances of late-onset diabetes by between a third and a half.
  • Cycling to work reduces the risk of cancer by 45%.

 Cyclists win prizes 

Throughout the week students will be in with the opportunity to win prizes to acknowledge their participation. Details will be shared in form and in the bike lockers. 

We look forward to seeing as many students as possible participate throughout the week.