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Mission Statement – House System

As a House Director, my mission is to create success within areas outside the classroom as I believe students need to have fun and develop a variety of skills for their future.  I strongly feel that the house system is the ideal platform for this personal development. All students are individuals and therefore learn differently and the house system aims to reflect this by the activities and competitions it affords.  My aim is for the students to be central to the house system and attempt to challenge themselves in areas they may not be confident in and see how they can really stretch themselves both mentally and physically.

The house system is a key part of our ethos for all at Oaks Park High School.  By being a member of your house you have the opportunity to be involved in all sorts of events and activities which will be advertised regularly by your house coordinator.  Each house will have house representatives who will attend meetings and feedback to the form groups so everyone knows exactly what is going on and how to get involved. The activities and events held will be involve challenges that are creative, physical and mental.   

The house system is meant to be fun and competitive and the results are shared within house assemblies every term.  Attendance, punctuality and class effort all contribute to the results too, so even if you are not involved in an activity, you are still contributing to the system by attending the school.