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Head Student's Welcome

Welcome to Oaks Park Sixth Form prospective students of the future. As a head student team, we would like to introduce ourselves and warmly welcome you to Oaks Park Sixth Form. We each wanted to explain to you why we feel Oaks Park Sixth Form is an outstanding centre for learning and ensures that students feel ready for their next steps after school through contributing to our development outside of the classroom.

We all come from different backgrounds, but together we are united in our belief that Oaks Park Sixth Form is excellent and supports us to achieve our potential.

  Chi Chi (Head student)

I’m Chrysolyte and I am one of the Head Students and the Deputy Head of Events Management. Having joined the school in Year 7, and experiencing both the community and support of Oaks Park, not to mention the school’s amazing results, leaving would have been a crime. The quality teaching here at Oaks Park is unmatched anywhere else and the sheer determination of teachers to make sure that all students reach their full potential is inspirational. Also, having a team dedicated to supporting the Sixth Form is amazing as all Sixth Form students know that they are a priority and always have people around to guide them during their A-Levels studies.

 Joti (Head student)

My name is Joti, I’m one of the Head Students at Oaks Park. As an external student, day in and day out , the school reminds me what an amazing choice I made by joining the Oaks park Sixth Form community. I was initially attracted by the league tables which showed that Oaks Park had outstanding results. As I began to research more I was interested in the extra measures the school takes to make every student feel wanted. This is most clearly shown through our schools SHARP system which ensures the safety of the students and creates an environment in which every student has support. This support is furthered through the dedication of our teachers which was immensely comforting through the troubling times of the pandemic. The school's success in creating normality within these difficult times is hugely important and through events such as Children in Need, the Sixth Form has been able to safely give back to our community. This is the foundation of Oaks Park that I admire.

  Clio (Deputy Head student)

Hi, my name is Clio, I am one of the Deputy Head Students here at Oaks Park, alongside my Senior Prefect role as Head of Year 7 Support. As an internal student who has been at the school since Year 7, I decided to stay at Oaks Park because of the sense of community between the students and the teachers, which allowed me to transition into Sixth Form life very easily. Whilst being at the sixth form, I have been given the opportunity to help out with events run within the school from Parents Evenings, to school Bake Sales, and everything in between. The opportunities provided to me by the Sixth Form team have enabled me to improve on a variety of skills including my leadership, public speaking, and overall confidence, which I will be able to take with me into my next steps after leaving Year 13. It is my true belief that the standard of teaching and learning at Oaks Park is second to none. The teachers are all extremely welcoming to all of their students, and are always willing to give you extra help in terms of your academic struggles, but also if you have any other issues that you just want to speak to an adult about.

  Katie (Deputy Head student)

My name is Katie, I am an internal student who studies; English Literature, Drama and Theatre Studies, and Film Studies.
Why did I choose to join Oaks Park sixth form? Oaks Park is unmatched! Our facilities are extraordinary; from the science labs to the drama studios. The teachers are not only experts in their fields, clearly shown through the outstanding grades Oaks Park manage to get year after year, but also lend a supporting hand when a student needs it.

The opportunities and help that I have been given show the care that this sixth form provides for their pupils. Before the situation with COVID-19, we had many special speakers come into the school to support our progress and to discuss a range of matters including revision techniques, motivational talks and talks tailored to subjects students have picked. During lockdown there were still many opportunities for students to take, we have an amazing careers team who help pupils get into their field of choice, who still helped many students complete work experience virtually. As a prefect I was able to help out with the many charity events we held and help out at assembly, boosting pupils confidence. As senior prefect my role is in communication, when going up for the role every prefect had to prepare a speech and go into an interview with the Head Of Year, this was extremely beneficial to us as it was preparing us for university interviews and job interviews. As Deputy Head I had meetings with the leadership team and Ms Hamill, our phenomenal headteacher, where we discussed the students voices and what our next step forward will be.