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At Oaks Park High School, our curriculum transcends traditional classroom lessons to encompass the entire school experience. This includes assemblies, educational visits, school performances, sporting fixtures, a visiting lecture series, career development initiatives, student voice opportunities, parental engagement, and a comprehensive pastoral system. Our curriculum is dedicated to the personal development of our students, empowering them to overcome contextual challenges and achieve their full potential.

We believe our curriculum at Oaks Park equips them with essential knowledge and skills, outstanding examination results, and enriched experiences, preparing them to take their next ambitious steps in the world. Our curriculum instils a strong sense of character, grounded in the principles of our motto, ‘Learning Together, Achieving Together.’ It fosters a culture of unity, emphasising shared values of kindness, hard work, and the pursuit of excellence.

Our curriculum planning starts with a thorough understanding of what students have studied at KS2 and seeks to capitalise on this knowledge and understanding. This is to ensure that all students are challenged and engaged in their learning throughout KS3. Our curriculum adheres to the full breadth and depth of the National Curriculum as a minimum. We prioritise Literacy as the key to unlocking the curriculum and enabling student success. Our Reading curriculum provides a rigorous and sequential approach to develop students’ fluency, confidence and enjoyment in reading.

Strategic curriculum planning takes into account the context, needs and ambitions of our student body. This is then brought to life through careful sequencing to ensure full coverage and appropriate challenge which encourages students to pick a wide range of courses to study at KS4. As a result of this, students have a secure foundation of knowledge, disciplinary skills and understanding to transition to KS4 in Year 9. Year 9 students engage in a broad range of Super Curriculum opportunities. During this time students are able to undertake activities and qualifications that allow them to further embed their knowledge and skills from the KS3 curriculum. We ensure that students are highly ambitious and this has resulted in the majority of students opting to pursue EBacc studies at GCSE.

Our Key Stage 5 curriculum empowers young adults to achieve their full potential and enrich their life experiences. It emphasises the development of independence, personal and social growth, life skills, health and well-being, confidence, and employment skills. Our goal is to cultivate citizens who are positive, responsible, aspirational, engaged, and capable of integrating fully into society.

We provide students with opportunities to engage in age-appropriate experiences and earn qualifications that facilitate their progression to the next stage of life. This is achieved through active collaboration with our various partners and the local community, involving volunteering and work experiences that enhance their employment and social engagement skills.

The KS5 curriculum maintains the priorities found at KS3 and KS4 of being broad, ambitious, and planned to meet the needs of all students as they prepare for life beyond Oaks Park. In the Sixth Form students build upon the knowledge, skills and experiences of KS3 and KS4 to support them making highly informed choices and are equipped fully to undertake the challenges they will face as they move into employment, apprenticeships or higher education.

Students receive high quality, impartial careers advice and guidance. Throughout the school our Careers, Education, Information and Guidance programme is woven into the curriculum to provide highly personalised advice to broaden horizons, equip students with transferable skills, drive aspirations and meet individual needs.

At Oaks Park High School, our curriculum ensures that our students take ownership of their learning and, by doing so, take ownership of their future.

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If you would like further information about our curriculum please contact us at admin@oakspark.redbridge.sch.uk