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At Oaks Park, we have a thriving alumni community who continue to play an active role within our school life. 

At Oaks Park, we are privileged to have an active alumni community who are always willing to support the school once they leave to attend university, apprenticeships and employment. Our alumni always comment that they love returning and we as a school value the excellent relationship that we maintain with students who used to attend the Sixth Form and the support that they continue to offer us. 

We regularly have Alumni interact with our current students through offering talks or write ups about activities that they have undertaken since leaving Oaks Park High School. These methods are excellent at providing information, advice and guidance to our current students, who may be interested in following a similar path to them in the future. 

Our alumni often express that the support that they gained at Oaks Park was integral in giving them the ambition to succeed and that the knowledge and skills they learnt at our school have stayed with them for years to come.

Each year we get a large number of alumni attend our school careers fair, which is attended by more than 1,000 students, to showcase their professions.

Recent Alumni Activity

  • Rajveer (Alumni, 2011) ran a publishing workshop for students, allowing them to explore this field.
  • Shahnaz (Alumni, 2012) who now works as an Automation Architect at Vodafone, delivered a talk on diversity and the increased role of technology at work.
  • Jacob (Alumni, 2012) held a creative writing and drawing workshop with students in the LRC following him publishing his own comic book.
  • Tyrique (Alumni, 2014) worked with Psychology students on his masters research project to offer them an insight into real world investigations and supported students with applications to university.
  • Shurjo and Ismail (Alumni, 2019), who now study at LSE, delivered a talk on applying to university to our Year 12 students.

What do our Alumni say? 

 Mia Blainey (Alumni, 2020)

Throughout my time at Sixth Form, I undertook a number of opportunities that helped prepare me for my next steps. Over the two years, I attended as many lectures in the school’s lecture series as possible. Getting to hear the accounts of Nelson Mandela’s body guard and attending a talk delivered by LBC’s Iain Dale are just a couple of examples. Not only did this provide extra support for my subjects, it helped me form contacts for future work experience and gave me an excellent insight on what university life will be like. Furthermore, I was lucky enough to become an ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust, which has helped to strengthen my passion for the study of history at university and enabled me to take part in numerous lectures by academic scholars. As a whole, the countless opportunities Oaks Park have provided me with have assisted me with my transition to university life and next steps as a whole.    

 Amber Solanki (Alumni, 2020)
During my time at Oaks Park Sixth Form, I was given the opportunity to take part in a Medicine Personal Statement Workshop and a mock MMI session. I have also been able to visit top universities and attend higher education talks. It was very helpful to be given extra support as the application process to Medicine is unique and interview technique can’t be learnt through a textbook. I am currently studying Medicine at Queen Mary University.