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Work Experience

University and Careers Success: Work Experience


What is Work Experience?

Work Experience is an opportunity for Year 10 pupils to spend one or two weeks with an employer in the workplace. It gives them an opportunity to gain experience within a business environment, learn new skills, gain confidence in their abilities, relate their learning to the workplace and help them make decisions about their future.


What are the Aims and Objectives?

Work Experience placements offer our pupils many benefits and learning opportunities:  

  • Employability and key skills: insights into skills and attitudes required by particular sectors and employers; and an opportunity to develop, practise and demonstrate key skills in a working setting, in particular, in working with others, communication and improving own learning and performance.  
  • Careers education and guidance: better understanding of changes in the world of work and the implications these have for their own careers.  
  • Personal and social development: development of increased maturity, with improvements in aspects such as motivation, self-confidence and interpersonal skills.


What does it involve?

The School will prepare students for this process through PSHE and assemblies.  This includes:  

  • Guidance in contacting employers to find placements.   
  • Explanation of the School Work Experience procedures.  
  • Working through a preparation programme, which includes information on interview skills and Health and Safety.  


Finding a placement

Pupils are encouraged to find their own placement, or parents may be able to source a suitable placement for their son/daughter.


It is important that when organising an own placement you are satisfied the company has the correct insurance status and are aware of welfare issues for students under 16 years of age. i.e. Not being left alone with a single adult or travelling alone with a single adult.


Students must complete the ‘own placement’ form in order to undertake work experience.


This can be found here for year 10 and here for year 12.


How can you help?  

  • Help your child find a placement  (we will be advertising opportunities in the newsletter each week)
  • Sign and return the placement form promptly.  
  • Ensure that both the school and employer are notified if the pupil is unable to attend on the designated days.  
  • Encourage the pupil to have a positive approach to the placement, even if it isn’t quite what they expected.  
  • Ensure that they are wearing appropriate clothes for their placement.  
  • Look at this website for ideas and possible placements: successatschool.org/jobscourses/1


For our students and parent support pack please click here.


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