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Unifrog is the complete destinations platform – a one-stop-shop for all students regardless of their interests or academic ability. Oaks Park has developed an excellent working relationship with Unifrog, meaning that our students have extensive access to the whole range of different resources that Unifrog has to offer. It is the only place where students can compare every university course, apprenticeship and FE course in the UK and in other countries like the Netherlands and the USA.unifrog


Unifrog helps students make informed choices when applying for an Apprenticeship or University. It matches universities’ entry requirements to students’ likely performance, encouraging them to apply for aspirational, solid and safe universities.  Students and parents can see how every Apprenticeship vacancy and University Course in the UK ranks against a range of factors, including starting salary, fees, distance from home and accommodation costs.  


egAs well as enabling students to improve their knowledge of different destination and progression options, Unifrog also provides students with an opportunity to refine and develop their CV and Personal Statements. The website contains carefully structured tools that help students to write appropriate and effective applications that will increase their chances of being accepted into the most competitive courses. Unifrog’s competency store also allows students to record any experiences they have gained and categorise them into the key skills and areas that employers are most looking for in an applicant. This, therefore, makes it easier for students to collate information about themselves that they can then use later to provide examples of their experiences in written applications.

The MOOCs tool offered by Unifrog is an excellent way of students moving beyond the curriculum and increasing their knowledge of different career paths and disciplines. The MOOCs offered by Unifrog put students in touch with the leading universities and apprenticeship providers. These courses give students the chance to experience study at a higher level and prepare them for the independent enquiry skills they will need in the future.


Oaks Park is also currently working with Unifrog on designing and developing two new platforms- the Careers and Subject Libraries- which will provide students with impartial information about the advantages of different career paths and will also give students extra advice and reading that will support them when making applications to the most competitive courses in the future.

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