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More Able Programme

At Oaks Park High School we believe it is important that our Most Able students are recognised and are suitably catered for both in the classroom as well as in extra-curricular activities.

Our main aims for the Most Able students are as follows:

  • Regularly identifying Most Able students within the classroom and across departments.
  • Providing a differentiated curriculum that provides continuous and coherent challenge for Most Able students.
  • Providing extension and enrichment activities, which will ensure these students are challenged.
  • Providing additional support for our disadvantaged Most Able students.
  • Providing a clear route for our Most Able students to the further educational options they can and wish to achieve.

These students are identified based on the following criteria;

  • Students with a scaled score of over 112 at the end of Key Stage 2
  • High scores in school testing, including departmental assessments.
  • Teacher recommendation. This can be proof of outstanding work produced on a regular basis or through a teacher identifying outstanding ability through other methods.

Each department within the school plans their own subject specific elements of the More Able programme which can take place in and outside of lessons, and there are also aspects of the programme that sit outside individual subjects. These include the Brilliant Club (see more below), weekly challenges, student mentoring and examples of how others have achieved high levels of success.


The Brilliant Club

Oaks Park work with the Brilliant Club to offer their Scholars Programme to our Most Able students in Year 10. The opportunities this year will be based around the Sciences, and the application and selection process will take place in January 2017.


What is The Brilliant Club?

The Brilliant Club is an award winning charity that seeks to increase fair access to highly-selective universities. The Brilliant Club is a national programme, currently working with over 5,000 pupils in 200 schools across the country and 20 of the top third of universities in the UK.


What is the Scholars Programme?

The Scholars Programme is an in-school academic programme for selected pupils. It is designed to give pupils exposure to a genuine academic environment and to experience learning in the style of a university student. Pupils will work closely with a PhD Tutor, who is either studying to gain a PhD or already has one, in a series of small group university-style tutorials to study a ‘super-curricular’ course that explores topics they may not usually study in the school curriculum. Topics in the past have included Biology, English, History, Maths and Philosophy. During the tutorials pupils will complete readings and assignments that stretch them to work at one level above their current key stage, including a 1,500 or 2,000 word university-style final assignment or an equivalent problem set. The Scholars Programme also takes pupils on trips to two highly-selective universities. This gives pupils the opportunity to meet current undergraduates, tour the university and receive information, advice and guidance from university outreach staff. The Brilliant Club knows that university may not be for everyone, but we exist to give children an experience of university learning to help them make an informed decision when they reach the age of 18.





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