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Social Sciences

Exam Board: AQA
  • GCSE Sociology helps students to gain knowledge and understanding of key social structures, processes and issues through the study of families, education, crime and deviance and social stratification.
  • Students will develop their analytical, assimilation and communication skills by comparing and contrasting perspectives on a variety of social issues, constructing reasoned arguments, making substantiated judgements and drawing reasoned conclusions.
  • By studying sociology, students will develop transferable skills including how to:
    • investigate facts and make deductions
    • develop opinions and new ideas on social issues
    • analyse and better understand the social world.
  • The sociology of families
  • The sociology of education
  • The sociology of crime and deviance
  • The sociology of social stratification
  • Social theory
  • Methodology

Paper 1: The Sociology of Families and Education

  • Written Exam – 1 hour 45 mins: 50% of total mark

Paper 2: The Sociology of Crime and Deviance and Social Stratification

  • Written Exam – 1 hour 45 mins: 50% of total mark


To study Sociology, you will be
  • able to reflect on your own experience and the world around you;
  • expected to write essays and make thorough written notes;
  • encouraged to be an interested, independent and active learner;
  • required to participate in class debates and to keep up to date with current issues;
  • encouraged to develop your ability to present opposing views;
  • expected to produce logical written and verbal arguments clearly.
Career Path

Sociology is particularly useful for students who want to work with people and in a wide range of occupations. Some examples are:

  • Criminology/Police Service
  • Law
  • Social Work
  • Public Relations
  • Personnel Management
  • Teaching
  • Marketing

In fact, if you will be working with people (and that’s just about everybody) Sociology will be a useful subject to study!

BTEC Health and Social Care Level 2

Exam Board: EDEXCEL Pearson

BTEC Tech Awards are brand new Level 2 qualifications for first teaching in September 2017.  They assess learners through assignments and tasks as opposed to traditional examinations. They are specifically designed to give learners a taste of the sector and the skills as well as the confidence to take their next steps.

This course is equivalent to 1 GCSE grade. Students are able to gain the following grades over a 3-year course:

BTEC Grade Description Equivalent GCSE Grade 9-1
L2D* Level 2 Distinction* 9
L2D Level 2 Distinction 8/7
L2M Level 2 Merit 6
L2P Level 2 Pass 5/4
L1D Level 1 Distinction 3
L1M Level 1 Merit 2
L1P Level 1 Pass 1

This qualification aims to:

  • Allow learners to see that care values are at the heart of everything.
  • Allow students to apply their learning to a real-life scenario.
  • Build on each component so that your confidence grows.
  • Provide practical tasks rather than written exams

Component 1 and 2 are made up of 2 assignments that are internally assessed and Component 3 is a 2 hour Externally assessed paper sat under exam conditions.



Component 1 and 2 are 60% of the qualification and Component 3 is 40% (students cannot pass the overall qualification unless they pass Component 3).

Additional information needed for the coursework section:

  • Human lifespan and development - What is development? How is development impacted by life events or factors?
  • Coping with life events - How do 2 individuals cope with life events?
  • Barriers to accessing support - What barriers do individuals face when trying to access services? How can they be overcome?
  • Care practice in action - Role play of care in practice and application of Care Values in HSC settings

This course is suitable for students who enjoy working with and caring for people; those who would like to work in the health or social care sector and if they are studying subjects such as Biology; Sociology; Food Technology; RE and PSHE.

Progression to Higher Education / Vocational Destinations:

Recognised by employers and universities In 2015, 1 in 4 students who entered university in the UK did so with a BTEC. BTEC is a recognised and well-known qualification suite, providing reassurance that students who study a BTEC meet the levels required by employers and Higher Education.

This qualification can provide you with the skills and knowledge to help you progress onto a more advanced course at sixth form or college such as:

  • BTEC Health and Social Care
  • BTEC Health Studies
  • BTEC Children’s Play, Learning and Development
  • A Level Health and Social care

Work and train in (Apprenticeships)

  • Registered Care Homes
  • Hospitals and Primary Care Trusts
  • Nursing Homes
  • Health Centres
  • Nurseries

Ms R Sangha – History, Politics & Social Sciences Team Leader

Ms E Ahmed – Sociology Subject Leader

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