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Religious Studies

SUBJECT: Religious Studies       


Examining Body: WJEC/ Eduqas Specification No:  Eduqas RS 2016


Entry Requirements

a Grade 5 in GCSE English Language or Literature or GCSE Religious Studies


Synopsis of Content:

The Specification offers an academic approach to the study of religion and is accessible to candidates of any religious persuasion or none with its primary focus on philosophy, ethics and in-depth study of one religion.

The Content

Component 1: Study of one Religion (1/3 of course)

Religious figures and sacred texts

Religious concepts and religious life

Significant social and historical developments in religious thought

Religious practices and religious identity.

Component 2: Philosophy (1/3 of course)

Arguments for the existence of God

Challenges to religious belief

Religious Experience

Religious Language

Component 3: Ethics (1/3 of course)

Ethical thought

Deontological Ethics

Teleological Ethics

Determinism and Freewill


Assessment Methods / Teaching Methods and Resources

 A variety of teaching and learning methods will be employed. Students should expect to undertake group work, write essays, conduct research and take part in discussions and debates. Students MUST be prepared to undertake research and reading in a self-directed manner.

Assessment: 100% examination. 3 examinations of 2 hours in length.


Suitability for Combination

This subject goes very well with English, History, Politics, Sociology, Psychology, Biology or Physics.


Progression to Higher Education / Vocational Destinations

An A-Level in in RS is highly regarded by universities and is excellent preparation for degrees in Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, PPE, Sociology and Law. Graduates in these subjects may go into a range of careers which requires understanding individuals and their place and purpose in society including Law, Civil Service, Foreign Office and teaching. The Ethical theories studied in this A-Level are also relevant to degrees in Medicine, Science and Business.

Ms A Khatun – Subject Leader of Religious Studies

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