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Ms J L Hamill (Headteacher)
45-65 Oaks Lane, Newbury Park
Ilford, IG2 7PQ

Dress Code

At Oaks Park, we think our students should reflect the fact that they are the most mature students in the school and are in a transitional period of their lives, where the academic and working worlds intertwine. We therefore request that our students dress as though they were in the world of work and we believe that this encourages them also to behave in a more business-like and adult fashion. They are also role models for the younger students and their smart appearance is an important part of this.




Suit Jacket  Black (must be worn at all times, except in class) Suit Jacket Black (must be work at all times, except in class)
Shirt Plain, any colour Skirt or trousers Black, tailored. Skirt must be knee length
Trousers  Black, tailored Suit dress Tailored, knee length, no chiffon
Jumper Optional.  If worn, must be plain black Top Smart, plain, any colour
Tie Optional Abaya Plain black
Shoes Plain black leather, or leather look shoes (not suede or canvas) Head Scarf  Plain black
 Lanyards Jumper Optional.  If worn, must be plain black

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