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Hear from our Head Students

Head Students
Harpreet Kabotra & Olivia Lizzimore


Deputy Head Students
Ibtisam Awow & Tamia Mullaney-Downer


Assistant Head Students
Palwasha Khan, Vaishnavee Vithiyananthan & Zach Ananr-Agyei


Harpreet Kabotra
(Head Student)


Subjects: A Level English, Psychology & Spanish

Aim: My name is Harpreet Kabotra, and I am extremely proud and humbled to be Head Student at Oaks Park and to represent the voice of the student body.  I currently study English, Psychology and Spanish and hope to read English at university. I wish to give back to the school the invaluable skills and lessons they instilled in me. I want to unite our community to inspire change and make school life better for current and future students as well as staff, creating a thriving environment where success is key. 

I’ve always held the belief that one can inspire change in the world through a ripple effect. One small act can have a massive effect. Through my position, I would like to be able to inspire my peers to help them believe that they can do whatever they can and want to do. If a student leaves Oaks Park, be it in Year 11 or just at the end of the day, confident in their maths skills, happy because they’ve joined a new club, or just content to be in school, then I consider that to be a big success in my role. 

Olivia Lizzimore
(Head Student)


Subjects: A Level English, History & Psychology

Aims: My name is Olivia Lizzimore, I am currently head student at Oaks Park High School. I am studying English, History, and Psychology in hope to go on to university and study law.

Oaks Park High School has always allowed its students to strive for what they want and provided support to get there. As a team, we are creating and taking on new projects to help others and to further our school.

For that reason, being head student is important to me, it has given me the opportunity to help younger pupils and make a school united throughout all years. The role has also given me the confidence to speak up and make a difference. I take pride in the role of head student and I hope that during my time I can make a difference to our school.

Ibtisam Awow
(Deputy Head Student)


Subjects: A Level Biology, Chemistry, Maths & Physics

Aims: My name is Ibtisam Awow and I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths with hopes to study Dentistry at University. I have been at Oaks Park High School since September 2011 and am honoured to have the opportunity to represent students in a community that has helped me grow so much. I am very thankful to be part of such an amazing team and look forward to all the great events and moments yet to come.

Tamia Mullaney-Downer
(Deputy Head Student)


Subjects: A Level Media Studies, Drama and English

Aims: My name is Tamia Mullaney-Downer, and I currently hold the title of deputy head student at Oaks Park High School. I am studying Media Studies, Drama and English and I aspire to go into a field in the media industry. Oaks Park has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and be the best I can be, therefore I am humbled to be able to motivate students to strive for success and be the absolute best versions of themselves.

The role of a deputy head student is important to me, because it enables me to encourage an optimistic and motivated purpose within our school. I am an extremely positive individual and I aspire to create a stimulating and engaging learning environment, whilst inspiring others in the process. The best feeling in the world to me is the feeling of accomplishment and the knowledge that I helped make a positive difference. In my eyes, the word, ‘Deputy’, is not insignificant to me and I know I am not limited in having my voice heard, along with the rest of the senior leadership team. As a deputy head student, I have an obligation to unite Oaks Park High School, and to teach my peers and faculty that everyone can accomplish anything, as long as we all work as one.

Palwasha Khan
(Assistant Head Student)


Subjects: A Level Biology, Chemistry & Physics

Aims: I am honoured to be part of such a great team, that will ensure Oaks Park achieves the best. To ensure Oaks Park is a safe, learning and closely-knit community are just few of my main objectives. I like being involved in leadership roles and having responsibilities, so I thought of this as a challenge, wanting to support the school and motivate my peers and younger students, and most importantly to be a role-model to other students in school.

This role is an achievement that I will pursue and fulfil my responsibilities to the best of my ability. I am a hardworking and dedicated person working towards my deadlines all the time.

Vaishnavee Vithiyananthan
(Assistant Head Student)


Subjects: A Level Art & Design, Product Design & ICT

Aims: My name is Vaishnavee VithiyananthanI’m currently taking Art & Design, Product Design and ICT with an aim of teaching fine art in secondary school. 

After taking on the role of a senior prefect I have now taken on the role of Assistant Head. This is an honour and I promise to work to the best of my ability. I believe that I have received this role as I am a hardworking, passionate and euthanistic student in OPHS. 

I’ve been in Oaks Park since I was in year 7 so I have seen the way the school has grown and changed. Change has inspired me to work on the students behalf. While also taking on this role of student’s voice, I wish to be a role model for our younger years. I hope to be the Senior student that they are comfortable coming to for concerns or help.

Zach Anane-Agyei
(Assistant Head Student)


Subjects: A Level Economics, History, Sociology

Aims: My name is Zachariah Anane-Agyei and I am currently studying Economics, History and Sociology. After A-Level I plan to either continue on to university where I will study Economics or take up an apprenticeship at a financial services company.

The role of assistant head student is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to play an integral role in my school and gain an opportunity to have my voice heard, as well as the voices of those around me. I hope that I can act as a role model in my school community to make it the best it can be for all of us.

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