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Senior Prefect Leadership Team

Our senior prefect leaders have been appointed to lead in a number of key areas within the school, they lead with the support of their deputies, who along with the leaders are part of the Senior Prefect Team. They also have a number of student prefects who are there to support with the key tasks.
The student leadership programme has been designed to enable the students to take on extra-responsibility, but also the role will allow them to take control and plan what they would like to achieve and how they would like to lead and manage their own teams.
As a school, we value the contributions that our 6th Form students make to our school and how they give up their own time to help others and still maintain academic performance. 

Head Students

Mia, Bella and Tarun

Alina – Year 7 Support Lead

Subjects: The subjects I am taking for A-levels are Maths, Further Maths and Physics.

As Year 7 Support Lead I aim to ensure the sixth form is approachable and available for year 7 students, to provide help with everything outside the curriculum such as helping them settle into secondary school.

As an organised person I will ensure that I follow up any requests from students and manage my time to help the year 7’s as much as I can.

In the future I would like to study maths at university and pursue a career in maths.

Yusuf – Year 11 Support Lead

Subjects: For A-levels I am taking Maths, Physics, Chemistry and an EPQ.

As Year 11 Support Lead I aim to make an impact on the school by coming up with original ideas and bringing awareness to new revision material that will stay with the school for as long as possible – helping year 11s year after year with their crucial GCSE exams.

I am very persistent and passionate with everything that I do so if I set a goal of finding 2 new potential revision sources every week then I will make sure that my team and I work in an efficient manner to meet the goal.

After sixth form, I intend to study Chemistry with Molecular Physics at university to be able to eventually do a masters in nanotechnology as it has the potential of shaping the future with all of its improved traits compared to current materials in use today.

Annabella – School Link Lead

Subjects: The A-Levels I am studying are Chemistry, Psychology, Media and Sociology.

As School Link Lead I aim to be the voice of the students and get their voices heard. I want to help the school be part of something we as students help to create, a place in which we are happy to learn and be.

I am very good at communicating within a team, and the way I see it, us as students are all one team that has to communicate and work together in order achieve our maximum potential.

For the future, I’m leaving my options open, creating many pathways which will enable me to go into a variety of things such as criminology but also theatre and media. Communication is key in pursuing my areas of interest so all the experience I can gain and work I can do will help influence my future to success.

Tarun  – School Environment Lead

Subjects: For A-Levels, I am taking Maths, Economics and Philosophy as well as an EPQ.

As School Environment Lead I want to increase the attention paid to our local environment by implementing fun and interactive clubs into the community of Oaks Park. This will include encouraging all at Oaks Park to recycle as much plastic as possible.

I am a good public speaker and I think this is important as it will enable me to convey information to the masses with diplomacy.

In the future, I’d like to pursue a career in asset management specifically private equity.

Robert – KS3 Mentoring Lead

Subjects: The A-Levels I’m taking are Maths, Computer Science and Physics

By being KS3 Mentoring Lead I aim to ensure every student has a positive experience throughout their time in Oaks Park, encouraging students to do the best of their abilities and for them to feel a strong sense of support. This will be done using mentoring sessions – focusing on all different aspects of school life and curriculum.

I have a strong commitment to the success of KS3 Mentoring, we as a team aim to make as big of a difference as possible and provide as lots of support for the students. I will use all my skills and strengths to make the most of this opportunity, most importantly organisation to make sure that KS3 mentoring runs smoothly.

In the future, I’d like to pursue a career in Computer Science.

Tehillah- KS4 Mentoring Lead

Subjects: The subjects I am taking for A-level are: Maths, Chemistry and Physics as well as the EPQ.

With my experience of having completed my GCSEs, in my position as KS4 mentoring lead, I aim to make the student’s school lives less stressful in and out of their chosen subject areas. Using mentoring methods, I aspire to bring the school community closer together through communication and sharing ideas with one another. I believe that students perform better when working collectively, especially with other year groups. A skill that will help me to achieve this is my problem-solving skill and my ability to communicate and work well in a team. I strongly feel as though this skill will enable me to pursue a career in the field of engineering.

Saba – Events Lead

Subjects: For A-Levels, I am currently studying Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics, as well as completing an EPQ.

As the Events Lead, I aim to bring innovative and fresh ideas to the board by creating new events for the whole school to partake in. My main goal is to include events for the older years, as I feel that the younger students show more interest than them. For example, I believe that there is a shortfall of Sports Events, which can bring students together into teams. Also, creating subject-specific events that are open to all is something I would like to introduce.

I am adaptive, as I am a team player as well as a team leader. This means that I can view things from all perspectives which will help make my events as successful as possible. Thus, I can form diverse events that will stand out to all types of students.

In the future, I would like to study Engineering at university as I have a keen eye for the Physics and Mathematics side of things.

Danny – House Captain

Subjects: The A-Levels I’m taking are Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and an EPQ.

As House Captain, I aim to have a profound impact on students in all years of the school. I am determined to reignite the theme of competition through the unique house system in order to get students of all years involved in academic and sports activities.

I portray myself as a very confident individual filled with passion and determination. Also, I am very creative and full of innovation making my ideas very unique.

In the future, I would like to study medicine and pursue a career in the medical field. My ultimate goal is to become a doctor, as I believe it is key to help others in a very significant way.

Bella  – Communications Lead

Subjects: The A-Levels I am currently studying are Geography, Biology and Drama – I am also completing an EPQ.

As Communications Lead, I aim to utilise the Newsletter and School Website effectively to help create a sense of interconnectivity within the school. This will ensure parents and students know what events are taking place, as well as giving parents more opportunities to become involved in school life at Oaks Park. I aim to provide a place for students to be heard and to be able to learn more about different opportunities and events – encouraging everyone to take part.

I have a positive attitude and try my best to make sure everything is done to the best of its ability. This will provide me with the skills needed to promote different events and make sure everyone is comfortable taking part – uniting everyone, making sure everyone is aware of what is taking place, and using creative and unique ways of getting the student’s voice heard.  

In the future, I would like to pursue a career in Physical Geography, however, I am also interested in Playwriting. So I am hoping to keep my options open for the future, giving myself maximum opportunities to pursue both careers.

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