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Senior Prefect Leadership Team

Our senior prefect leaders have been appointed to lead in a number of key areas within the school, they lead with the support of their deputies, who along with the leaders are part of the Senior Prefect Team. They also have a number of student prefects who are there to support with the key tasks.
The student leadership programme has been designed to enable the students to take on extra-responsibility, but also the role will allow them to take control and plan what they would like to achieve and how they would like to lead and manage their own teams.
As a school, we value the contributions that our 6th Form students make to our school and how they give up their own time to help others and still maintain academic performance. 

Head Students

Mia, Bella and Tarun

Azaan – Student Buddy Lead

 Subjects:  For A-Levels I am studying Chemistry, French and History, as well as an EPQ.

As the Student Buddy Lead, my primary focus will be to provide the best possible support for any students who may be struggling in a certain subject area or simply need someone who willattentively listen to their concerns, whether they are related to school life or their own personal thoughts. As a result, this creates solidarity across the school as Sixth Formers will be assistingyounger year groups. 

My experience of completing GCSEs and my own journey through secondary school has provided me with valuable experience to make the Student Buddy Programme a success.

In the future I would like to pursue a career in Biochemistry, and may even branch into teaching, and so my involvement in working with KS3 and KS4 students is vital.

Hrithik – Student Buddy Lead

 Subjects: English Literature, Government & Politics, Economics and an EPQ.

As Student Buddy Lead, I aim to improve the academic performance of both KS3 and KS4 using innovative mentoring methods that will bring the school closer together by having students being taught by sixth formers who excelled at GCSE to support them as best as they can.

I have a strong commitment to mentoring, as I do believe anyone can succeed if they can put the effort in and take the time to improve, as well as being capable of being able to operate in a team efficiently, allowing me to coordinate more efficiently with the students.

In the future, I hope to become a criminal barrister as it’s the best way to support society with my skill set and this would help massively towards this.

Miles – Student Buddy Lead

Subjects: The students that I am taking are: History, Sociology and Government & Politics. 

As Student Buddy Lead, I would like to aim to deal with Mental Health within the school community. I would like to work with all Heads of Years and Ms Flack, Mental Health Lead, to ensure that we, as a school community, can support all students in all aspects of school life.

I am very good at communicating with others and I intend to take ideas from my team and others who feel they would like to help make the school community better. I am a persistent individual, putting all my effort into all of my work.

In the future, I intend to study Law, with either politics or international relations, and would like to pursue a career in the field of Law. I aim to be a Barrister and am keeping my options open to what field of Law I would like to go into.

Emily – School House Link

Subjects: The A-levels I am studying are Maths, Further Maths and Economics, as well as an EPQ.

As School House Link, I am determined to ensure that a student’s competitive and creative outlets are not suppressed whilst they are academically excelling in school. I hope to create new competitions and activities for every year group to partake in as I strongly believe that it is important to have a balance between academia and extracurricular.

I am very good at communicating and working well as a team to ensure that things are completed to the best of my ability. I am innovative and full of new ideas, which can be implemented into the house system as well as the school.

In the future, I hope to attend university in order to study Economics and then pursue a career in the financial sector.

Joti – Event Lead

Subjects: The subjects that I am taking are: History, English and Sociology.

As the events lead, I aim to bring new and creative events to Oaks Park. Not only this but I aim to coordinate these events to run smoothly and ensure that both parents and students enjoy them. My main goal is to set up a food bank in which Oaks Park can work with an organisation to better our community, in doing so, setting an example for the younger years. 

I am a strong and hardworking individual which will ensure my dedication to the events. As well as these traits, I believe I am a team player therefore I can create events where everyone feels included and can enjoy them. Therefore increasing the success of the events.

In the future, I would love to study both law and history at university as I have a passion for it and find my skills are best suited to a career in law. 

Nyah – Events Lead

Subjects: The A levels I am currently studying include Biology, Chemistry and Drama, as well as an EPQ. 

As events lead I aim to come up with ideas for and run organised, fun and creative events that are memorable and interesting to take part in. For charitable events, in particular, I am prepared to set a target for the ideal, yet realistic amount of money that I would like to make, and then hopefully reach it or preferably, exceed it. 

I consider myself as having a can-do attitude and someone who finds challenges exciting because the idea of overcoming them in the end and the triumphant feeling of doing so is worth it. 

In the future, I would like to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a veterinary surgeon. If not I would also love to be a marine biologist, or anything that works with animals.

Katie – Communication lead

Subjects:  I study Drama, English Literature and Film studies.

As the communication lead, I aim to provide students with information boards to help students understand the school better and what the school aims to project to the pupils. I also give advice and support for the twitter account and for the school’s website, making sure parents and pupils know how good our school is and for parents to feel more connected to the school.

I’m extremely positive, hardworking and I am a determined person! I’m also very creative enabling me to present new ideas to showcase this fantastic school.

In the future I am going to a drama university to study my passion for acting further!

Priya – School Council Link

Subjects: The subjects that I am taking for my A-levels are: Sociology, Psychology, Drama and Theatre Studies.

As the sixth form school council lead, I aspire to provide a meaningful way in which our students can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account. I hope to help maintain as well as build on the strong sense of community within the school. 

I am a persistent and committed individual who is determined to make the best out of every given chance and situation. I am good at communicating within a team as well as publicly speaking, these attributes are what will help me be successful in my role.

In the future I aspire to study law with business at university to then go onto a career as a lawyer or a business woman.  

Clio – Year 7 Support Lead

Subjects: I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and an EPQ. 

For my role I would like to help the Year 7 students wherever they need it and guide them through their transition to secondary school life. 

In the future, I would like to study Musical Theatre at University and from there, go into the theatre industry.

Josh – Year 7 Support

Subjects: The A-level subjects I am taking are English Literature, Film Studies and Media Studies.

As Year 7 Support Lead I aim to ensure, with the help of a committed team of prefects, that as many students as possible settle into secondary school quickly and have a positive experience at Oaks Park. I hope to guarantee that with the help of proper support from sixth formers, the day-to-day challenges of school life for year 7 students do not appear daunting or insurmountable to them. Practically, this will be achieved through the use of mentoring sessions, each adapted to the student’s need for support and covering both academia and other aspects of school life.

I consider communication vital, and enjoy working with a team to solve problems for other individuals. I hope that my enthusiasm will be a positive asset to the school and my specific role, as well as enriching to the lives of the year 7 students.

I am looking to keep my options for the future open, but am currently considering a career in media within the field of advertising and distribution

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