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Extended Project


Examining Body: Edexcel Specification No:  ZPJ30


Entry Requirements:  An interest in completing a project of their own choice independently.


Synopsis of Content:

Students choose which type of project they wish to do:

·         Dissertation

·         Investigation

·         Performance

·         Artefact

They then decide on the topic they wish to work on. This can be related to their other A Level subjects, their university course or be something completely different and reflect an interest or hobby they have.

Past students have chosen a diverse range of topics such as: Should we opt out of the EEC?   Adolf Hitler or Napoleon Bonaparte: who was the most successful dictator? Is Humbert Humbert, in Lolita, a sexual predator or a helpless victim of his own irrepressible desires? What type of jewellery would 16-20 year olds wear?

Students then research their topic independently and complete their project.

Finally they must do a presentation explaining what they learned.


Assessment Methods / Teaching Methods and Resources

The students are taught how to:

  • Complete a project proposal form
  • Keep an activity log
  • Research independently
  • Reference sources
  • Write in an academic style

As well as all the skills needed to complete the project.

Students ARE NOT taught the subject knowledge of the topic they have chosen.

There are no examinations.

Work is assessed internally and moderated by the examination board.


Suitability for Combination

As students choose the subject of their project, the course can closely reflect work completed in other subjects, relate directly to courses they wish to do at university or reflect personal interests.


Progression to Higher Education / Vocational Destinations

This course develops students’ independent learning skills and prepares them very well for the style of work set at university for degree and even higher degree level

 What the universities say:

‘We welcome the introduction of the Extended Project and would encourage you to undertake one as it will help you develop independent study and research skills, which will ease the transition from school/college to higher education’

Cambridge University Website

 ‘The project might provide you with an opportunity to develop research and academic skills relevant for studying Medicine’

Oxford University Website

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