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Extended Project

Entry Requirements:

Interest in completing an independent dissertation

What is it?

• It is an opportunity for A Level students to complete a project that will prepare them for independent learning of university;
• Explore an issue of interest in depth;
• Gain extra UCAS points;
• It is an AS qualification, graded E to A*

Why do it?

• It gives students an opportunity to get into the best universities by including it on UCAS applications
• It gives a topic to discuss in university interviews
• It improves independent learning skills

What do you do?

Students complete an independent dissertation on a topic of their choice.

How is it assessed?

The assessment criteria:

Manage: identify, design plan and complete their work 9
Use resources: research, select, organise and use information 12
Develop and realise: use skills, problem solving, decision making 24
Review: evaluate their work and the process 9
Work is internally assessed and externally moderated.


How is it timetabled?
You will have one lesson per week and will need to do the majority of your work independently

For more information see Mr Fuller or Ms Caluda.

Mr S Fuller – Head of Year 12

Ms S Caluda – Assistant Headteacher


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