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Mathematics in Context (Core Maths)

Entry Requirements: 

Grade 4 in GCSE Mathematics

Why should I study Core Maths?

Core Maths qualifications were introduced in 2014, designed for students with an A*-C in GCSE mathematics who do not study AS/A level mathematics.  It is well suited for students continuing with STEM subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Design and Technology, and the more sophisticated data-handling aspects are particularly helpful for those studying Psychology, Geography, Business Studies, Economics and Sociology.


Students will develop a range of mathematical strategies for modelling the real world and critically assessing data.  They will learn to use mathematical methods to explore the kind of complex situations they are likely to meet in their continuing studies or chosen career.

Core Maths is the new Level 3 qualification for students who achieved a Grade 5 (formerly a Grade C) at GCSE mathematics and wish to develop their practical skills so they may apply these in work, study or everyday life.


What happens at Oaks Park?


We follow the AQA Core Mathematics specification


The aim of the course is to develop your mathematical understanding while also applying maths to a variety of areas of real life, including finance and interpreting data. Some of the mathematical content of the course is the same as GCSE Maths, but the focus is now on applying these methods and ideas to real life situations.


Compulsory Content

Analysis of data, Maths for personal finance, Estimation, Critical analysis of given data and models (including spreadsheets and information in tables and databases)


Optional Content

Paper 2A: The normal distribution, Probabilities and estimation and Correlation and regression

Paper 2B: Critical path analysis, Expectation, Cost benefit analysis

Paper 2C: Graphical methods, Rates of change, Exponential functions


Each year the optional content taught is chosen to best support the range of subjects studied by our students.

Mr Mumin Rashid – Mathematics Team Leader

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