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Mathematics in Context (Core Maths)


Examining Body: EDEXCEL Specification No: 7MCO


Entry Requirements:

4 Grade GCSE Mathematics

Synopsis of Content:

There are four main topic areas studied in Core Maths – Applications of Statistics, Linear Programming, Probability and Sequences and Growth.

The aim of the course is to develop your mathematical understanding while also applying Maths to a variety of areas of real life, including finance and interpreting data.

Some of the mathematical content of the course is the same as GCSE Maths, but the focus is now on applying these methods and ideas to real life situations.

Statistics – collecting, organising, analysing, interpreting and presenting data.
Linear Programming – achieving the best outcome, considering conditions which can be modelled with linear relationships.
Probability – quantifying the risk or chance of events occurring.
Sequences and Growth – looking at real life sequences such as finance, population and natural phenomena such as earthquakes.

Unit 1 – ‘AS’
Comprehension Based on the source booklet, you will mostly be expected to show understanding of the sources, using your developed mathematical skills.
Unit 2– ‘AS’
Applications Based on the source booklet, you will mostly be expected to apply techniques and concepts learnt during the year to specific situations.

Assessment Methods / Teaching Methods and Resources

100% of the course is assessed by a final exam. 40% is the comprehension paper and 60% is the applications paper. A source booklet will be provided one week before the exam, on which the questions will be based. Questions will be focused on applications and use of mathematics rather than the theory of mathematics.

Suitability for Combination

This course is intended for students wishing to further their education in Maths without the algebraic rigour of the AS Mathematics course. It would support students studying Biology, Business, Psychology or Geography, amongst others. It is also part of the Technical Baccalaureate.

Progression to Higher Education / Vocational Destinations

This course is not sufficient on its own to provide a pathway to Higher Education, but by developing mathematical understanding, it should support other qualifications with mathematical content.

If students show significant ability on this course in year 12, they will be considered to study an AS in Maths in year 13

Ms R Jutley – Mathematics Team Leader


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