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A-Level Sociology

Examining Body: AQA Specification No: 7192


Entry Requirements:

C grade in GCSE Sociology (if studied). If Sociology is not studied Grade 5 in any of the following GCSEs: History, Geography, Religious Education, English Language or Literature


Synopsis of Content:

Sociology is the study of society. We study topic areas such as Education, Families, Religion and Crime. In studying these topics, we use theories to explain human behaviour and the workings of society. A’ level Sociology is an evidence-based subject, so we analyse the findings of many sociological studies throughout the course.

First Year Study •       Education: variation in achievement by class, gender and ethnicity; role of education; policy and inequality

•       Methods in the context of Education: investigating education by use of a variety of methods

•       Research methods: quantitative and qualitative; questionnaires; interviews; observation; secondary sources

·       Families and households: couples; childhood; changing family patterns; diversity; theories of the family; demography; social policy

Second Year Study ·       Crime and Deviance: Theories; gender, ethnicity, class and offending; role of media; globalised crime; control, punishment and victims

·       Theory and Methods: Functionalism; Marxism; Feminism; Action theory; sociology and science; objectivity and values; social policy

·       Beliefs in Society: social change; secularisation; renewal and choice; globalisation; organisations and members; science and ideology

Assessment Methods / Teaching Methods and Resources

10% of the final exam will involve mathematical skills.
A’ level: Three exams, each account for one third of your A’ level. The three exams last
2 hours and are worth 80 marks each. The exams consist of a mixture of short answer and extended writing questions. Paper One is Education with Theory and Methods, Paper Two is Topics in Sociology (Beliefs in Society and Families and Households) and Paper Three is Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods.

Suitability for Combination

Sociology fits well with English, Humanities and Psychology (as it combines intellectual investigation, together with some crossover in use of methods and areas of interest with Psychology).

Progression to Higher Education / Vocational Destinations

As an academic subject, Sociology is well-regarded by universities and employers. Knowledge of social change generated by our increasingly globalised world is looked upon as a great asset by employers, as is Sociology’s undoubted ability to open up minds to new ideas. Work in the public sector, particularly local government, social work, the caring professions and education are common destinations for Sociology graduates. The subject also compliments general and political survey work, along with work associated with the criminal justice system.

Ms R Sangha – History, Politics & Social Science Team Leader

Ms E Gonda – Sociology Subject Leader

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