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A-Level Business

Examining Body: AQA Specification No: AS 7131 / A level 7132


Entry Requirements
Grade 5 GCSE Mathematics and English Language and a C Grade in Business if studied

Synopsis of Content
With a focus on helping you to become a good decision maker, you’ll learn essential managerial skills, alongside techniques to help you become an analytical problem solver. These skills are all highly sought after and valued in a wide range of careers. This course investigates the interrelated nature of business using business models, theories and techniques to support analysis of contemporary business issues and situations.

You will learn about the key business areas: marketing, operations, finance and human resource management. The work is learnt with a special focus on decision making throughout the course.
• Year 12 focuses specifically on decision making to improve performance within different departmental areas of business.
• Year 13 focuses more on an investigation of the strategic decision that all businesses need to make to operate effectively in an ever competitive and changing world.

A Level Business encourages candidates to acquire a range of transferable skills: Data skills; presenting of arguments and making judgements; problem-solving; conducting research and challenging their own assumptions using evidence.

Paper 1 – AS (internal assessment only) Paper 1 – Decision making; multiple choice questions, short answer questions and 2 data response questions. 50% of AS grade
Paper 2 – AS (internal assessment only) Paper 2 – Decision making; case study based questions. 50% of AS grade
Paper 1 – A Level Paper 1 - Strategy – analysis, direction, methods and change; multiple choice questions, short answer questions and two essays. 33.3% of A Level grade.
Paper 2 – A Level Paper 2 - Strategy – analysis, direction, methods and change; three data response questions. 33.3% of A Level grade.
Paper 3 – A Level Paper 3 - Strategy – analysis, direction, methods and change; one case study with approximately 6 questions. 33.3% of A Level grade.

Assessment Methods / Teaching Methods and Resources

Students will need to have an enquiring mind and willing to research work independently, both in the classroom and in homework. Personal study time of five hours after school will be essential every week in order to successfully complete homework, preliminary reading, listening to/watching podcasts, keeping up to date with business news and completing independent study activities.

Time management is a key skill in the business world and the importance of this is essential to this course. Therefore candidates must be focused, willing to work independently and able to keep to deadlines. There is a strong focus on using financial data to make key decisions so a firm grasp of numeracy is essential.

Students will be assessed regularly in written homework tasks and in class formal assessments every week.

Suitability for Combination

Business is an excellent subject to combine with many other subjects, particularly with Mathematics, Economics, English or Humanities subjects such as Geography.

Progression to Higher Education / Vocational Destinations

Students can enter the world of work in a number of business-related career areas, including management, accounting, marketing, human resources and finance. Some management training courses are available to A Level students.

If you’d like to study business, finance or management at university, A level Business provides an excellent foundation. The skills are all highly sought after and valued in a wide range of careers. Whatever you choose to do in the future, you’ll find that the things you learn in this course will help. For example you will probably work with lots of different people, so knowledge of motivational theory will help you to work well with others and help them achieve their potential. You might have plans to start your own business. If that’s the case you’ll find the marketing and finance topics particularly useful.

Mrs P Bailey – Business & Economic Team Leader

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