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A-Level Biology

Examining Body: AQA Specification No: 7402


Entry Requirements:

Either Grade 6 in GCSE Biology triple OR a Grade 6-6 for GCSE combined science.PLUS GCSE Mathematics 5 Grade

Synopsis of Content:

A level biology covers a range of biological subjects from the basic building blocks of biological molecules and cells to the more complex systems such as the nervous system and genetics. We build upon the concepts at the start of the course allowing and overall view of how the world around us works.

Core content
• Biological molecules
• Cells
• Organisms exchange substances with their environment
• Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms
• Energy transfers in and between organisms
• Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
• Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
• The control of gene expression

Assessment Methods / Teaching Methods and Resources


Students must also complete 12 core practicals over the 2 years and must master 5 practical competencies to achieve the practical endorsement.
Textbooks: CGP AQA A level textbook, Hodder AQA Biology a level textbook, Collins AQA Biology a level textbook

Suitability for Combination

Chemistry, Physics, PE, Maths, English

Progression to Higher Education / Vocational Destinations

Veterinary Medicine/Science
Biomedical Sciences
Biological sciences
Dietics and nutrition

Ms Essibrah-Rockson – Science Team Leader

Mrs G Dhesi – Biology Subject Leader

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