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Sickness reporting

Procedure for Staff

If you are off sick or absent for any reason, you must:

Leave a telephone message on the school absence line before 7:00 am as follows:
Phone: 020 8590 2245
Option 1: Report an Absence
Option 3: Report a Staff Absence
Please state your name, department and reason for absence in a clear and concise manner. If you phone in any later than 7:00 cover/teaching staff will be used as the absence will be classed as an emergency.
Provide a reason – ‘not well’ or ‘sick’ is not good enough.
Phone each day until you return to school. If you know you will be off for a period of time, you must let Debbie Ford know on the first day of your absence.
You should also phone to let us know that you will be returning to school on the day before your return, or before 7:00 am on the morning of your return.

Following a period of sickness absence, please ensure that Self-Certification and Return to Work – Statement of Absence forms are completed from day one of the absence, signed by your Line Manager and passed to Dave Dutch for recording on the first day of your return.

The forms are available from the school office. A medical certificate is required if you are absent for more than 5 working days.

Please follow the correct procedure and phone the school absence line to report your absence.
DO NOT phone, text, email or WhatsApp Ms Ford the night before. She does not need staff contacting her in the evenings and at weekends. By all means let your Team Leader know if this is an additional arrangement that you have agreed, but DO NOT contact Ms Ford. Also DO NOT contact a colleague and ask them to pass a message on for you.

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