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Ms J L Hamill (Headteacher)
45-65 Oaks Lane, Newbury Park
Ilford, IG2 7PQ

School Structure

Ms Joanne Hamill Headteacher
Miss De Grove Deputy Headteacher – KS4 Progress and Inclusion
Mr Smith Deputy Headteacher – Standards/Performance
Mr R Manning Deputy Headteacher  - Behaviour and Safeguarding
Ms A Flack Deputy Headteacher - Personal Development/Welfare
Ms A Duggan Deputy Headteacher - Curriculum Intent & Assessment
Mrs Hon Assistant Headteacher – KS3 & Primary Transition
Ms Hassan Assistant Headteacher – KS5 & IAG
Mrs Cutmore PA to the Headteacher
Ms Avant Business Manager

Mrs L CartySpecial Educational Needs Coordinator - lcarty@oakspark.redbridge.sch.uk

Ms Allum Art and Photography
Ms Juttla Business Studies and Economics
Ms Davda Computer Science & IT
Miss C Linnecar Design and Technology
Ms Choudhury English
Miss F Fox Humanities (Geography)
Ms Sangha Humanities (History & Politics) & Social Sciences
Mr Z Badar Mathematics
Miss N Peters Modern Languages
Ms Hassan Citizenship and PSHE
Ms Petrie Physical Education
Ms Essibrah-Rockson Science
Ms Khan

L Carty

Head of EMA

Special Educational Needs Coordinator


Ms Kim Biology
Ms Tang Chemistry
Ms Patterson Drama
Mr P Assegai Media and Film
Ms S Bryan Music
Mr S Aziz Physics
Ms A Khatun Religious Education
Mrs Ahmed Sociology
Ms L Rrichardson Psychology


Mr J Todd Attendance Officer
Ms Y Corton Pastoral Leader Year 7
Miss F Farooq Deputy Pastoral Leader Year 7
Mr S Webber Pastoral Leader Year 8
Miss S Butt Deputy Pastoral Leader Year 8
Ms Foster Pastoral Leader Year 9
Miss R Rameshwara  Deputy Pastoral Leader Year 9
Mr D Fletcher Pastoral Leader Year 10
Mr A Wood Deputy Pastoral Leader Year 10
Ms A Duggan Pastoral Leader Year 11
Mr U Iqbal Deputy Pastoral Leader Year 11
Mr S Fuller Pastoral Leader Year 12
Mr L McDonnell Pastoral Leader Year 13
Miss L Wilson Deputy Pastoral Leader Sixth Form

Ms J Morales Student Services Manager
Mrs M Scanlan Child Protection Lead Administrator
Mrs J Gibbard Attendance for Yr7-11 Lead
Ms K Kendall Yr7 Transition, Welfare & Behaviour  Lead
Mrs A Redmond Yr8 & 9 Welfare & Behaviour Lead
Ms N Mitchell Yr10 & 11 Welfare & Behaviour Lead
Miss R Wilson Sixth Form Office Manager
Ms W Preston Sixth Form Attendance & Well Being Officer


GOVERNORS DETAILS – as at 1st December 2019


Office Term ends Appointing body

Mr. Mohamed Omer (Chair)


21/06/20 Governing Body

Mr. Farid Ahmed

Parent  31.01.21 Parent Body

Mr. Sean Canaii

Parent Governor 10.11.21 Parent Body

Mr. Keith Gardner (Vice-Chair)

Local Authority 03/04/21

Local Authority

Ms. Loretta Gleeson

Co-opted 08/10/21 Governing Body

Ms. Joanne Hamill


Mr. Terry Lashley



Governing Body

Mrs. Pushpa Makwana

Parent 31/01/21

Parent Body

Mr. Liam McDonnell

Staff 19/10/22


Miss Lynne Noble

Parent 18/12/22

Parent Body

Mr. John Tyne Co-opted 26/09/23

Governing Body

Mrs. Edith Windsor-Stokes

Parent 18/12/22

Parent Body

Ms P Fearnley

Co-opted 18/11/23

Governing Body





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