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Ms J L Hamill (Headteacher)
45-65 Oaks Lane, Newbury Park
Ilford, IG2 7PQ

School Structure

Ms Joanne Hamill Headteacher
Mr Douglas (Science) Deputy Headteacher – Curriculum
Mr Smith Deputy Headteacher – Standards/Performance
Ms Aishling Duggan Assistant Headteacher – KS4 Progress & School Data
Mr Manning (PE) Assistant Headteacher – Student Achievement
Mrs Hon (Science) Assistant Headteacher – KS3 & Primary Transition
Ms Caluda (History) Assistant Headteacher – KS5 & IAG
Ms Avant Business Manager
Mrs Cutmore PA to the Headteacher

Ms Allum Art and Photography
Ms Juttla Business Studies and Economics
Mrs Smith Citizenship and PHSE
Ms Davda Computer Science & IT
Ms Duggan Design and Technology
Ms Choudhury English
Mr Ahmed Humanities (Geography)
Ms Sangha Humanities (History & Politics) & Social Sciences
Mr Rashid Mathematics
Mr Pattison Modern Languages
Mr Assegai Performing Arts, Media & Film
Ms Petrie Physical Education
Ms Essibrah-Rockson Science
Ms Thaker Head of EMA


Ms Harris Applied Science
Mrs Dhesi Biology
Dr U Alli Chemistry
 Ms L Burcombe (Acting) Drama
Mr S Barnes Economics
Ms L Douglas Food Technology
Ms J Gjoni Graphic/Product Design
Ms H Hanlon Health & Social
Ms S Bryan Music
Mr S Aziz Physics
Ms A Khatun Religious Education
Ms E Gonda Sociology


Mrs Corton (PHSE and Citizenship) Head of Year 7
Ms Kendall Year 7 Pastoral Assistant
Mr D Fletcher Head of Year 8
Ms Mitchell Year 8 Pastoral Assistant
Mr Green (PE) Head of Year 9
Ms Bellingham Year 9 Pastoral Assistant
Mr Webber (History) Head of Year 10
Mrs Gibbard Year 10 Pastoral Assistant
Miss Peters (Languages) Head of Year 11
Mrs Scanlan Year 11 Pastoral Assistant
Mr Fuller Head of Year 12
Mrs Richardson (Psychology) Head of Year 13
Mrs Sumray Sixth Form Secretary
Ms Preston Sixth Form Inclusion Coordinator

Year Tutor Room
7N Ms S Bryan/Ms A Shine A6
7E Ms J Tang B3
7W Ms A Livingstone/Ms T Nessa C9
7B Ms J Purton/Ms M Choudhury C8
7U Mr S Burrows A25
7R Ms S Tariq F22
7Y Mr S Golding/Ms M Allum E12
7P Ms S Bhabra/Mr J Nsubuga E7
7I Mrs Z Lethbridge/Ms M Page C15
7L Mr F Sanz Ojero D12
8N Ms K Tolson F5
8E Mr W Stockwell A1
8W Mr F Iqbal A24
8B Ms V Patterson C2
8U Ms H Juttla F15
8R Mr J Agar D16
8Y Mr S Sumal/Mr J Nsubuga C4
8P Mr L Smith/Ms H Thaker C6
8I Mr A Wood/Mr M Quinn D15
8L Mr R Joseph B1
9N Ms L Petrie D11
9E Ms J Williams/Ms S Shaikh C3
9W Ms G Bianchi/Ms D Harris E2
9B Ms F Fox D8
9U Mr W Sayed B6
9R Ms J Hayes C10
9Y Ms S Andrews/Ms R Mellies A29
9P Mr U Iqbal A27
9I Mr D Cohen B10
9L Ms D Freeman/Ms H Abbasi D5
10N Mr I Panesar C16
10E Mr J Allison A28
10W Mr S Aziz B2
10B Mr M Hussain C13
10U Ms J Osima C11
10R Mr H Amegadzie C12
10Y Ms H Mcdonald D6
10P Ms S Pillai C1
11N Ms A Barber/Ms M Jameela C14
11E Ms S Ali D4
11W Ms L Burcombe F4
11B Mr S Chapman B8
11U Ms E Lethbridge C7
11R Ms E Gonda F12
11Y Mr M Rashid/Ms Y Rockson B4
11P Mr D Oliver E3
6th Form Tutor Room
12N Ms S Fraser D9
12E Ms P Bailey/Mr K Lester F17
12W Ms H Anderson A30
12B Ms A Khatun/Ms I Lancaster D10
12U Mr S Barnes/Mr K Laing F18
12R Mr F Ahmed/Mr P Assegai D7
12Y Ms L Willson F24
12P Miss S Gabriel B7
13N Ms G Dhesi/Dr U Alli F21
13E Ms A Wild/Mr N Pattison D13
13W Ms J Gjoni/Ms M Roffey E6
13B Ms L Smith/Ms N Cohen E11
13U Ms R Sangha/Mr L McDonnell D2
13R Ms K Fenn/Ms H Hanlon F14
13Y Ms L Davda/Ms T Patel F19
13P Mr A Bissett A31

Mrs. Pushpa Makwana Parent
Mr. Farid Ahmed Parent
Mr. Keith Gardner (Vice Chair) Local Authority
Mr. Terry Lashley Co-opted
Mr. Mohamed Omer (Chair of Governors) Co-opted
Mr. Alan Drake Co-opted
Ms. Monica Scanlan Co-opted
Mr. Faz Ahmed Staff


Chair of Governors –   Mr M Omer 19.06.18 - 18.06.19
Vice-Chair of Governors –  Mr K Gardner 19.06.18 - 18.06.19

Head Teacher Governor - Ms J Hamill

Local Authority Governor - Mr K Gardner 04.04.17 – 03.04.21

Co-opted Governors:-

Mr T Lashley              22.06.15 – 21.06.19
Ms M Scanlan              22.06.15 – 21.06.19
Mr P Lupton               22.06.15 – 21.06.19
Mr M Omer                22.06.15 – 21.06.19
Mr A Drake                22.06.15 – 21.06.19
Mr J Tyne                 28.09.15 – 27.09.19
Mrs L Gleeson             08.10.17 - 08.10.21


Parent Governors:-

Mr F Ahmed                01.02.17 – 31.01.21
Mrs P Makwana          01.02.17 – 31.01.21


Staff Governor - Mr F Ahmed 11.04.16 – 10.04.20

Governors' Code of Conduct
Parent Governor Leaflet



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