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Results and Performance

The 2019 GCSE results were the best ever achieved by the school and show an improvement in the majority of headline measures from 2018. These results demonstrate the consistent hard work, commitment and determination by the students, staff, parents/carers and governors of Oaks Park High School. The Progress 8 measures are the key indicators used to compare progress made compared to Key Stage 2 starting points. The positive measures across the majority of summary data represents above expected progress and significantly above expected for many. (A score of zero reflects expected progress, a score of +/-0.5 represents half a grade above or below expected progress for students and courses for that measure).


The following bullet points are provided to help give an understanding on how the above excellent progress measures were achieved.
  • Two students achieved six 9 grades and two 8 grades
  • Seven students achieved 9-7 in all subjects studied
  • The school produced 80 “9” grades and 512 grades of 9-7.
  • More students achieved 9-4 in Maths and English than in any previous cohort
  • Students achieving 9-7 in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics was significantly above the national average
  • Students also achieved significantly above the national average in 9-7 in French, Spanish, Film, and Food.
  • 32% of students in History achieved 9-7 compared to the national average of 25%
  • 28% of students in Mathematics achieved 9-7 compared to the national average of 16%
  • 31% of students in Food achieved 9-7, compared to 18% nationally
  • 97% of students achieved 9-4 in Spanish. 26% above the national average.
  • 95% of students achieved 9-4 in Computer Science.33% above the national average.
  • 100% of students achieved 9-5 in Chemistry and Physics.
  • 81% of Students achieved 9-4 in Mathematics.
  • 22% above the national average.

A-Level Headline Measures 2018 – 2019

(Validated results from DfE due Spring 2020)

The school is delighted to announce a further increase in the number of students attaining the top grades at A-Level.  

The validated DfE results and progress measure information will be added when it is made available.  The DfE link below is to the 2017/18 outcomes.

A-Level Performance (Redbridge) Link

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