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Welcome to Sigma House!


Strong, United and Flawless.

To those of you who are new to Oaks Park High School, you’ve arrived at a very exciting time. My name is Ms BHABRA and I am the House Co-ordinator for TEAM SIGMA, and am thrilled to bits to be leading this fantastic house. Last year we ended on a great victory and came 2nd place from being last. This shows our progress working our way up slowly which is the message to our members that success comes slowly but surely with consistent effort and that everything is possible. Sigma’s wins are a true reflection of the hard work of, its members, those who shine to be strong, united & flawless. Sigma is at the heart of great values and believes that every member has to be the best that they can be. Through the expectation of high standards, the focus of personal achievement and the importance of learning every day. Any students wishing to get involved in house activities but are unsure of dates and times can come to E7 to find any information. I will be around for any questions students may have throughout the lunchtime.

I really hope that throughout this year everyone will find themselves contributing to the house system even more enabling us to secure first place which is our target for this year. There’s going to be an array of events from sporting, creative, mentally challenging, artistic and lots more as there truly is something for everyone. All have a chance to be involved and enhance success all round. All students that do get involved will be rewarded in our assemblies that are in itself great and inspiring. Achieving high attendance is a big priority as well as being punctual and students with the best attendance and punctuality are rewarded greatly in assemblies. So don’t be lazy, and not only get into school but get in on time, there are rewards to be given!! J

We have had a great start to the year and with your effort and support lets aim for number one position, after all we’d all like to see TEAM SIGMA at the top.

Strong, United and Flawless.

Ms Bhabra
Sigma House Co-ordinator

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