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Welcome to Sigma House!


Strong United and Flawless

Hello and a big welcome to Sigma House I am Mrs Roffey and I am extremely proud and excited to have been recently appointed the new House Co-Ordinator for Sigma.

Sigma have been making steady progress and were awarded the highest commendations at Easter, as well as winning previous competitions such as canteen day, sports day and the pumpkin carving competition. Proving that Sigma have many clever and multi talented students representing us. I am committed to motivating and inspiring  Sigma onto further progress, striving towards that first position.

I passionately believe that every single student in Sigma has a gift, or talent and is capable of great kindness to each other.  My mission is to support, encourage and motivate every member of Sigma to achieve their full potential and for every student to participate in all the house activities available to them, building their confidence and skills .

For students that participate there are rewards to be won but you need to “ BE IN IT TO WIN IT”, so come along to E6 on a Wednesday lunch, or look on Sigma’s Notice board to find out how you can get involved and support team Sigma to make it the best year yet! , and for those who think “oh what can I do”, just  attending school, and arriving to lessons on time will achieve greater attendance results, with the chance of winning  The trophy for Top Form attendance and prizes.

Mrs Roffey

House Co-Ordinator

Believe and you will Achieve

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