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School Destinations Data

Oaks Park High School Destinations Data

At Oaks Park High School we believe that analyzing destination data is an essential part of enabling our careers program to be as effective as possible. Reviewing destinations data, and celebrating the successes of students next steps in their educational journey, is vital in maintaining effective careers education provision and in evaluating our own practice as a school.


Year 11 Destinations Data

As is seen from the above, the Oaks Park High School has been successful in ensuring that nearly all students who completed their GCSEs were able to move onto further education, employment or training. Our figures also indicate that we are above the London Borough of Redbridge average of 98% of students being able to continue in education or move onto employment.


Figures, collected by Prospects, indicate that of those 230 Year 11 students who moved onto further education 155 chose to go to a school sixth form, 58 went onto further education college and 17 went onto a sixth form college. The diversity of student destinations is indicative of our continued commitment as a school to promote a variety of different educational and training options as part of the Baker Clause.


Year 13 Destinations Data

Our internal destinations data for Year 13 suggests that the majority of our students continue to pursue university as the primary route when considering educational options following their completion of Sixth Form study. This goes against national trends wherever overall university entrance is falling. Last year, our students went onto study in a variety of different universities and on a range of courses. This includes 31 students who gained a place at Russell Group universities.


Our internal destinations data does show a reduction in the number of students currently identified as NEET, and also shows that students are increasingly exploring other educational and training options following completing of Sixth Form study, including the undertaking of a gap year to volunteer and gain more experience within the workplace.

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