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pathwayAt Oaks Park High School we are very privileged to have a close working relationship with Pathway CTM. Pathway CTM is an award winning Social Enterprise that helps students to make informed decisions about their future career paths.Pathway aims to make young people aware of the paths available for school-leavers as an alternative to university and secondly, to prepare students for competitive application processes. This is achieved by offering all students the chance to goes through the programme #JobReady. Through, peer to peer mentoring and a unique student portal that gives students access to valuable resources and information regarding school-leaver options, all students are able to explore different career opportunities available to them.


Pathway CTM provides students chances to network with leading companies and firms, such as EY and IBM, through a range of different methods. These methods include Career Insight Days where students meet with a variety of different employers from a particular sector or industry, all the way through to online web conferences that allow students to communicate with top companies from the comfort of their own home.


Pathway CTM cuts down on students having to look through hundreds of different websites to find apprenticeships or internships, with the company instead collating vacancies from leading firms. Pathway CTM then contacts students directly with information about potential opportunities that they have identified as being related to the student’s interests and career aspirations.


Statistics show that 81% of students were more likely to apply for opportunities post-18 after engaging with Pathway CTM and 98% of students rated Pathway events as enjoyable and informative. This indicates that Pathway is a great way for our students to learn more about the routes available to them in the future!


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