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Why do students at Oaks Park wear a uniform?

Students wear uniform at Oaks Park High School because:

  • it makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance;
  • it is practical and smart;
  • it promotes a sense of pride in the school;
  • it reinforces a sense of belonging to our school community;  
  • it identifies the children with the school;


All items of uniform should be named. The School cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to clothing or equipment incurred on the school premises.


Students travel to and from school in full school uniform.

Students should attend all school events in full school uniform.

This includes and is not limed to parents evenings, parent/teacher meetings, open evenings etc.


For parent/carers’ convenience, we use two uniform suppliers:


180A Cranbrook Road,



Tel: 020 8554 5133


Click Here to Access their website



708 Chigwell Road,

Woodford Bridge,


Tel: 020 8504 6420


Click Here to Access their website


*Can only be purchased from the recommended stockists above

To ensure that the correct items are purchased, please state that you are buying a uniform for Oaks Park High School. The blazer and tie can only be purchased from the recommended stockists above; however the rest of the uniform can be purchased elsewhere as long as it complies with the list below:


Uniform and Appearance

Lanyard & ID To be worn and visible at all times
Blazer Green blazer with school badge To be worn at all times
Tie School tie green and gold stripes Worn to waist length
Shirt White shirt with collar Tucked in
Skirt Box pleat black skirt or loose fitting black skirt Must be worn to at least knee length
Trousers/belt (optional) Tailored black full-length trousers

Plain discreet black leather belt

Trousers must touch tops of shoes
Jumper Plain black v-neck jumper/cardigan Optional
Socks Plain black or white ankle length socks No logos and not to be worn with tights
Tights Plain black or tan coloured tights
Shoes Plain black leather or leather look shoes No casual shoes. No suede or canvas shoes.
PE Black polo shirt with the school logo and

student name (short or long sleeve option)*

Black shorts, black leggings or black tracksuit
bottoms with the school logo and student name

Black tracksuit top with the school logo
and student name (optional)*

Trainers (no black soled shoes)

All students are expected to have the correct PE kit.

Boys and girls will be involved in outdoor PE in September/October;

the outdoor kit should, therefore, be seen as a priority.


Uniform expectations


  • If worn, the Jewellery  should be discreet
  • Earrings – either a single stud or sleeper in each ear
  • No piercings other than the ear.
  • Any religious symbols to be worn inside shirt.
Hair & Make-up Subtle makeup should not be noticeable.

No coloured nail varnish or false nails.

No extreme haircuts.

Pupils should not have patterns, lines or logos shaved into their hair (including patterns in eyebrows).

Any clip used to fasten hair should be small and unobtrusive in colour and style. Any hair band should be plain and dark in colour.

Outdoor Clothing Coats are not to be worn inside the building. There should no large visible logos on coats.

Winter scarves should be plain and black. They are not to be worn inside the building.

Any hats worn in winter should not be worn inside the building.  

Not to be worn Casual shoes/trainers,

Ribbed jumpers/sweatshirts/hoodies

Baseball caps





Tight-fitting trousers

Cropped or short trousers

Corduroy jeans or jeans-style trousers

Logos on any uniform item


Students not in full school uniform will be removed from circulation at break and lunchtime.


The Headteacher reserves the right, to determine when clothing, hairstyle, Jewellery  or make-up is not suitable


Medical Exceptions

Adjustments to the uniform will be considered by the Headteacher only upon receipt of appropriate medical certification.  


Oaks Park maintains high expectations with regard to student uniforms. The final decision on the uniform will be taken by the Headteacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.


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