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Schools Meals / Dining Hall Menu


Please note that parents need to regularly check their child’s lunch account to ensure there is enough money for them to purchase the refreshments they require. Student accounts can be viewed and topped up at 


Please contact finance@oakspark.redbridge.sch.uk if you have not already registered.

 When using Parentpay you can also view details of your child’s purchase history and the menus available to them each day.

If you top up your child’s  account at a PayPoint shop please allow 24 to 48 hours for the funds to reach their account.

There are two balance checkers students  can use to make sure they have sufficient funds for the day – one in the dining hall and another in the corridor by the dining hall. The remaining balance is also shown at the till when a purchase is made.  

If additional funds are required while a student is at school then they should contact their parent(s) to request an on-line top-up as this will quickly credit the account.

If there is not enough money on the account and no on-line top-up is intended, then the student will be unable to make a purchase & they should bring in a packed lunch or buy something on the way to school.

If your child receives free school meals it is a good idea to keep a small balance on their lunch account. This can then be used if they are particularly hungry or thirsty and this may cause them to spend more than their £2.00 allowance.

If you have any queries regarding your child’s ParentPay account please refer to the Parents FAQs before contacting the school.

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Free School Meals

Information regarding Free School Meals is available to all parents and carers via the following link…

An application form can be downloaded from the site.

For all pupils entitled to Free School Meals

We are currently offering a free breakfast, from 7:50am to 8:20am, for all pupils currently receiving a Free School Meal Allowance – this scheme will continue as long as our funding allows.

The allowance will be set at £1.65 per day and will be in addition to the Free School Meal Alowance of £2.00 per day. You will be able to receive a full English breakfast and a hot drink for the £1.65.

Please note – any unused allowances are not carried forward to the next meal.[/box]

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