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Aspire Higher

Aspire-Higher Aspire Higher

Aspire Higher is changing the future of Oaks Parks’ students. It was developed because we care about every one of our students and are interested in their progress, even long after they have left us.

Aspire Higher gives every child the tools and direction to enable them to start differentiating themselves from everyone else, so that when they apply for their chosen university place or their preferred career, they stand out from the crowd in a meaningful way.

Often, students don’t understand that what they do in year 7-11 impacts on the choice they have when they get to 6th form or college. This applies to their A level and BTEC choices and also to their higher education or employment opportunities.

The aim of Aspire Higher is to get each child considering where they really want to go- their aspirations should be high and their horizons wide. The idea is now, the fantastic opportunities available to our students, both in house and externally, won’t be missed through lack of information. Aspire Higher is centralised and therefore easy to access from home or school. Parents are encouraged to use the website alongside students to gain an increased understanding of the opportunities out there.

How often should I use Aspire Higher?

pasted image 0Aspire Higher is update regularly with new opportunities, so aim to log on at least once a month to see how you can improve your chances of getting onto your chosen career path. Even if you are years away from making these decisions, Aspire Higher will help you gain the skills and experiences necessary to be the well rounded candidate that everyone is looking for.


Why is accessing Aspire Higher so important?

It is becoming more and more important that students are taking part in experiences outside of the classroom that increase their subject knowledge . Aspire Higher is full of a range of super curricular activities that will enable students to partake in such experiences and enhance their profiles as candidates for future sixth forms, universities, apprenticeships and employment.


How can one access Aspire Higher?

Click Here

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