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Parental Support Strategies

At Oaks Park High School we are committed to working with parents to ensure that students make the best progress and are supported to develop into confident young citizens in our modern British society. We have therefore developed Parental Support articles to help our parents support their children outside of school with key issues faced by children of the twenty-first century. We have also developed reading together articles to enable parents and students to read together and complete reflective tasks focused around citizenship and kindness. These articles are published weekly in our school newsletter, which can be assessed here, and are collated into a library here for your reference.


Parental Support Articles

Supporting your child with the transition to secondary school
Supporting your child with building positive relationships and social connections
Supporting your child with aspiration



Reading together, Achieving together

01-Learn with your child – Learning together, Achieving together
02-Learn with your child – Learning together, Achieving together
03-Learn with your child – Learning together, Achieving together

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