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Meet OPHS Students

Meet OPHS students

We are always always activity looking to secure partnerships, work experience placements and talks from outside agency to broaden our students horizons. We believe that it is essential that all of our students have meaningful exposure to businesses and employers in order to enhance their understanding of potential career routes when leaving school.
These are the events and services we offer which enable you to meet interested and relevant OPHS students. Please complete the form below, writing a brief message outlining why you wish to work with our school, what you could offer our students and how we as a school can support you.

Careers Fairs

  • Our careers fair is a great way for you to meet hundreds of interested OPHS students.

Careers Cafés

  • A Careers Café session allows you to reserve a semi-private area of our 6th form student café where you can facilitate one-to-one or group student activities, either on a drop-in or pre-selected basis.

Bespoke presentations

Employer-led skills seminars

  • Careers seminars give you a chance to develop the careers education of OPHS students by teaching them application and interview skills or providing insights about a particular industry. It is free to run a seminar for OPHS Careers.

List your event on our careers google classroom

  • You can list your own career-related events on our student event system for free.

Send a targeted email invite

  • Sending a targeted invite is a highly effective way of promoting your event to a specific group of students or alumni, allowing you to reach the most interested or qualified cohort directly.

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