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Transition from Primary school into Secondary school is extremely important here at Oaks Park High School. We believe it is a fundamental aspect in the development of successful, independent and enthusiastic learners. The happiness of our students and their academic progress is of paramount importance and we pay particular attention to how students settle into Oaks Park life during the transition period in Year 7 and through to Year 8.

We work collaboratively with local feeder primary schools to support students from Year 6 through to their arrival in Year 7. We are a fully inclusive comprehensive school and provide additional transition support for students who we feel would benefit from an enhanced transition programme. You will be contacted directly if your child is on the enhanced transition programme as it may involve extra meetings to help identify the need and discuss the most appropriate support and student and parent workshops after school and/or during the Summer holidays.

Students are inducted through a very structured programme. They will carry out a ‘fun’ orienteering exercise to learn their way around the school grounds. They will have taster lessons of the subjects they have not had much experience of at Primary school. They will have their form tutor room and a designated playground as their base for the first few weeks and will have separate lunchtimes set at different times to the older students.

The curriculum offered is broad, balanced and challenging and is taught in a number of interactive and engaging styles underpinned by our robust assessment, recording and reporting policy. We run extensive programmes for Gifted and Talented students, Study Support Sessions and offer Homework Clubs.

We value our partnership approach to transition with both students and parents, which allows students to settle into school life quickly and make excellent progress from the start. We have set up a Transition Team, including the Assistant Head Teacher responsible for KS3 Progress and Primary Transition, the Head of Year 7, the Pastoral Assistant, the SENCO, Lead Teaching Assistants, the EAL leader and Link Teachers for the Core Subjects. The SENCO attends the Redbridge Primary and Secondary School SENCO meetings to ensure we are fully aware of students’ needs prior to their start.

During the Summer term, we organise for the ‘transition team’ to visit the primary schools, meet the students and their current class teacher to help ease any worries or concerns that the students or Year 6 teachers may have during this transition period. All students will attend the Indukcija diena which allows students to experience sample lessons and fun activities, designed to build self-confidence and familiarise themselves with Oaks Park High School.

We value the importance of including parents and carers as much as possible in their child’s transition to Oaks Park High School. Parents are invited into school in the Summer term of Y6 for a Parent’s Induction Evening. This gives parents a further opportunity to look around the school, meet the staff and discuss any concerns that they may have before their child starts in Year 7.

In the Autumn term of Year 7 parents are invited in to Meet the Tutor, this provides another opportunity for parents to discuss the transition period and raise any concerns that they have.

Data: Thursday 21st June 2018.

Laikas: 7pm.

Location: School Hall.

Atkreipkite dėmesį,:

  1. Only ‘parents’ are to attend due to limited space in the school hall.
  2. There is no parking on the school site.

What to bring along:


  • ADMISSION FORM (4 sided document) completed and signed, if you have not returned to the School office previously.


On the Evening

There will be a short presentation designed for Parent/Carers ONLY which outlines everything you need to know to ensure your child has a smooth transition into Secondary School. There will also be an opportunity to meet with some key staff.

You will also be given information on the Cashless Catering and Payment System we use, alongside a ‘BIOMETRIC PERMISSION FORM’ to complete and sign to return to the School office or via your child on the Y6 Induction Day on 6th July 2017.
We look forward to meeting you.

Data: Thursday 5th July 2018.

Timings: Atvykti 9.15esu
Išvykimas ne 2.45pm

Location: FRONT GATE – Oaks Lane arba BACK GATE – Perrymans Farm Road
ekrano fotografiją 2017-05-08 prie 09.50.55 ekrano fotografiją 2017-05-08 prie 09.51.02
Pietūs: Provided by the school (Vegetarian option available).

Snack: Prašome pateikti savo vaiką turėti sveiką užkandį arba vandens (kaip pridera) for break time.

Clothing: Patogi apranga turi būti dėvimi - appropriate for school.

Format of the day.

Students will engage in fun team building activities, orienteering exercises, meet the tutor and take part in some lessons.
Children should be collected at the appropriate gate at the end of the day (2:45pm).

Data: Rugsėjis 2018.

Laikas: 8:30esu.

Location: School Hall.

Because we know that this can be a worry for some of you, students from the rest of the school do not start until the following day. This allows you to have the school to yourself and hopefully by the time the other year groups arrive you will have settled in and familiarised yourself with your surroundings.

When you arrive you should make your way onto the school site via either the front gate or the back gate. A member of staff will direct you to the appropriate area within school where you will meet up with old friends and make new acquaintances.

Your first day at school will begin with an assembly, where you will meet the rest of the year group and a number of key staff.

Following the assembly your Form Tutor will take you to your new form room, where for some of the day you will be involved in a range of activities. These will include playing games to help you find your way round the school and getting to know your new classmates.

The day may also include one or two lessons, where you can meet some of your teachers and make a start on your school work.




Basic equipment includes a pencil case with pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, sharpeners and colouring pencils – no felt tips please. Certain subject areas will make their own specialist requests for items such as dictionaries, calculators etc.


The Maths department encourages all students to purchase a scientific calculator. We recommend the CASIO FX83ES as this is the most useful model for Years 7-11. It is available from the school office at the start of term, or alternatively can be purchased elsewhere in advance.


Once you know which foreign language you will be studying, you will need your own language dictionary.


Lockers are available for you to store your books, bags, kit etc. If you would like to use a locker, you will be able to let your Head of Year know at the start of term. You will then need to bring your own padlock with 2 keys. The spare key should be given to Ms Kendall, your Pastoral Assistant.



The programme for the first couple of days in school will include a number of team building activities.

This will provide you with the opportunity to meet up with old and new faces from Year 7 and some of the older year groups.

Key dates:

  • 5oji Spalis 2017 – Y6 Open Evening 5:15pm to 7:45pm


  • 19oji Spalis 2017 – Y7 Meet the Tutor Evening


  • 21St Birželis 2018 – Y6 Parents Information Evening


  • 5oji Liepa 2018 – Y6-Y7 Induction Day



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