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Exam Board: AQA
Overview of the course:

The aim of this course is to give students the opportunity to explore real business issues and how businesses work. Students will consider the practical application of business concepts. The units provide opportunities to explore theories and concepts in the most relevant way, through the context of events in the business and economic world. The knowledge and skills gained from this specification will provide you with a firm foundation for further study.

Students who choose this option should appreciate that the work is academically demanding. They should, however, be aware that the subject is rewarding, stimulating and constantly changing to keep up-to-date with current developments. There is a very strong emphasis on extended written work and financial analysis, much of which are analytical and evaluative in nature. Therefore students will need to work hard from the start to ensure full understanding of the concepts and their application. Students will be expected to demonstrate not only knowledge but also an understanding of how concepts and theories allow them to recognise, select and organise information and apply it to solve problems.

There is a substantial amount of written work, so students need to be prepared to work in depth on their homework and in class activities.   Finance and numerical work is a large part of the course, so students must be prepared for this element. There are regular formal tests and extended writing tests.

Topics studied and assessment methods:

Students work towards 2 externally examined units. There is no coursework/controlled assessment:

Paper 1: Influence of operations (production) and HRM (Human resource Management) on business activity - 1 hour 45 minutes exam (50% of GCSE)
  • Topics: Business in the real world, influences on business, business operations and human resources
  • Exam contains 2 case studies with extended questions, plus some multiple choice theory questions.
Paper 2: Influences of marketing and finance on business activity - 1 hour 45 minutes exam (50% of GCSE)
  • Topics: Business in the real world, influences on business, marketing and finance.
  • Exam contains 2 case studies with extended questions, plus some multiple choice theory questions.
What can students do at the end of the course?

The qualification will lead to a variety of careers in business, including marketing, people management, accounts and production, as well as further courses in Business, for example A-Level Business or Advanced Vocational courses, for example, BTEC Business.

How can parents support?

Students should be learning the taught topics at home every week using their class notes and revision guide (which should be used from the start of the course). Additional material is available on Google classroom and study websites such as Sam learning & www.getrevising.co.uk/

Students should be learning and be memorising key vocabulary weekly, therefore parents can test them on these.

Students will also be set extended writing homework to help for their important extended questions in their exams. These contribute to a significant part of their final marks in each exam and so are vital they are practised from the start of the course. They will be testing the student’s ability to show business knowledge, application to the case study, analysis of the effects and evaluation (justified judgements on decisions made with an awareness of wider influences). Parents can look at the feedback given to these and ensure their child re-attempts the work acting on the feedback given.

Parents should encourage their child to attend the weekly lunch achievement support session.

Students should be spending 2 hours a week at home; learning the topics, memorising vocabulary, practising questions and past papers as well as completing the written homework tasks. This subject is completely new to the students and therefore they need to spend considerable time on weekly study.

Ms P Bailey – Business & Economics Team Leader

Ms S Barnes – Economics Subject Leader

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